Fellow Compatriots,
In 2019, ADF leadership decided that the year 2020 was going to mark the beginning of a new phase in her journey to actualize her Mission.
The 2019 OWERRI Security Summit as well as the 2020 Enugu Retreat radically reviewed our overall program and put it into a systematic structural framework as well as specifying its financial implications. It was also decided that ADF must wear a new gab that fits its character and mission. In short, it was decided we must move away from the social media mentality, become less social media/internet warriors!
Yes, that we must show in everything we are and do that ADF is a movement for a revolutionary change in the struggle to reposition the place of the Igbo man within the global community.
At that point, it became obvious that ADF cannot transform itself thus while the base of its activities was located abroad!
We, therefore, decided that we must then relocate our headquarters and the base of our operations to our native land, precisely to our regional and national headquarters, namely Enugu.
This then should be followed with immediate practical steps to show that ADF is now moving into a new phase of its life and mission!

Dear Compatriots ADF headquarters is now firmly situated in Igboland.
Please watch the attached video.
We decided that this Report should be followed soon by a second Report showing that we have also embarked on the process of practically addressing our urgent tasks – namely FOOD AND PHYSICAL SECURITY of our people and our ancestral home. This is to be anchored on the Agenda of effective Youth Empowerment & Re-orientation.
To achieve these, we have set up a Pilot scheme – secured land, dug a borehole, and set the pioneer youth in the designated area of the pilot scheme to immediately start planting crops as a take-off and practical launch pad of our AKURUO ULO COOPERATIVE MOVEMENT (ACM)!
A Project Director, a man known in the whole wide community of Igbo liberation struggle has already relocated to the field and base of the pilot scheme.
The wonder Agric farmer whose yam we showed you last time has volunteered to serve as Consultant of ACM.
As we do this, mark you, we are in consultation with our partners in the CARECSO. The CARECSO Secretary, Canon Ugo, has visited the site of the Consultants headquarters and is preparing his report for the Coalition – CARECSO.
Note, Please note that there is no way we can continue with this Resurgmento in our mission while continuing to carry all the weeds and viruses that have infested ADF Social media platforms. No way! We have not embarked on this torturous course of our struggle since the International Colloquium on the Igbo Question in Nigeria in 2014 only to be derailed by wayfarers and social media warriors! Not possible, unless and until the shrimp learns to sing!
As we embark on this decisive phase of our struggle, we wish to remember and invoke the spirit of our dead compatriots who helped to set ADF on its historic journey – I mean Dr Dozie Ikedife, Ikenga Nnewi, and the pioneer Chairman of ADF BoT, Dr Emeka Enejere, Chief Innocent Nwoga, Prof Ginigeme Mbanefo, Bar Debe Ojukwu, Prof Chinyere Ohiri-Anichebe, Prof David Ebere Chukwu and of course the spirit of Professor Chinua Achebe, etc.
Thank you dear Compatriot and welcome to the ADF Enugu Secretariat. Please watch.

Click Here to Watch

Uzodinma Nwala
ADF President.


ADF Press Statement On the Aborted Attempt to set up the Electoral Committee for the 2021 Ohanaeze Elections.

ADF Press Statement On the Aborted Attempt to set up the Electoral Committee for the 2021 Ohanaeze Elections.


On the Aborted Attempt to set up the Electoral Committee for the 2021 Ohanaeze Elections.

On the 6th of December, a meeting was convened at the Nike Lake Resort by the outgoing Ohanaeze Executive. As it turned out, the main item on the Agenda of the meeting was the forthcoming January 2021 Election of a new Ohanaeze Executive.

Although I came a bit late to the meeting, however, I asked and throughout the duration of the meeting, there was no reference to the genocide going on in Oyigbo (Obigbo) in Rivers State where hundreds of our kits-and-kin are being gruesomely slaughtered with reckless abandon.

There was not even ‘a minute silence’ in memory of the dead as has become our custom and as observed throughout all civilized communities in the world. What echoed from the leadership was justification of the murder of those innocent victims.

With particular reference to the alleged meeting of Ime Obi Ohanaeze, it turned out that –

  • What was summoned and what met was not IME OBI Ohanaeze Ndigbo. At best, it could be called a quasi assemblage of some members of the General Assembly of Ohanaeze.
  • Senator Chris Ngige eloquently made this observation, and although his observation was widely supported, his views were ignored. Another former Governor made a related observation, but all were ignored and suppressed by the Chairman.
  • The implication of this is that NO MEETING OF IME OBI OHANAEZE has taken place with respect to setting up the machinery for the election of a new Ohanaeze Executive.
  • On the list read out by Chief Nwodo as members of his Electoral Committee, no consultations were made with the respective States and Bodies/Organizations whose so-called representatives were announced by him.
  • Most of us are familiar with the tradition of getting representatives of various States/0rganisations into any Committee of Ime Obi Ohanaeze. And what is that tradition?

“In a properly constituted Ime Obi Ohanaeze, once we get to the point of appointing, for example, the Electoral Committee, States/Organizations  are requested to stand aside to nominate their representatives and return the list to the Secretary of Ime Obi  Ohanaeze. After which the names of nominees are collated and announced”.Our experience is that such a process has always ended amicably and the various States/Organizations have always returned their nominees without any internal rancor.

  • Indeed those who try to introduce controversy into the election of the next Ohanaeze Executive are not fair to Ndigbo, especially at this time when our people are facing the worst threat to their existence as a nation.
  • We, in the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), urge Chief Nnia Nwodo and his team not to plung Ndigbo into unnecessary internal rancor at this time. Any attempt to impose any person on Ndigbo in the name of Ohanaeze leadership at this period shall be stoutly resisted by our people and our Gods including our Supreme Chukwu Okike.

We, therefore, urge Chief Nwodo and his team to urgently convene a properly constituted Ime Obi Ohanaeze so that a legitimate Electoral Committee shall be set up to organize the Ohanaeze Election in January according to the Ohanaeze Constitution.

It is important to advise that the mood of Ndigbo at the present moment will not accept any attempt to impose any candidate on them. Anyone involved in such an attempt should think again as such a gamble and act of desperation and treachery shall be resisted vehemently by the people.








A Band of Igbo Patriots or What?

  1. The PAN-IGBO SUPPORT GROUP (PSG) was formed by Mr. Nze Ike Eze, the Chairman of ADF-UK.
  2. He personally created a Whatsapp Group with the same name – PAN-IGBO SUPPORT GROUP (PSG) on 22 June 2020 with himself and one Mr. Ken Agbugba, also of ADF-UK, as Administrators.
  • They announced to the world that they were raising money under the auspices of the PSG to support the COALITION OF ALAIGBO RELIGIOUS AND CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS (CARECSO).
  1. Next, they went on to prepare what they described as ”Pan Igbo Support Group Sponsorship Form” emphasizing on it the message “There is an increased need for the security of our people from Fulani herdsmen invasions that destroy lives and properties”
  2. On that same form, they addressed the prospective donors. –

Thank you for your help & contributions. This initiative is in conjunction with the Coalition of Alaigbo Religious and Civil Society Organizations. Account Name: ADF UK; Sort Code: 20-57-76; Account No. 531 795 75. Please use your name – PSG as your reference when making payment. The funds raised will be used to improve security and help displaced victims.”

  1. On November 9, 2020, they published a post, one of a series, further informing the unsuspecting public that …

“.. Our youths need more than prayers.
They need our financial support….

Please please give however little you can to support CARESCO direct or via PAN IGBO SUPPORT GROUP.
ASK me how?-
Visit the Facebook page.  (Pan – Igbo Support Group)
Please share”

  1. They made a Video Documentary that went viral appealing fervently to Umuigbo globally to donate to the Appeal Fund, stating two related accounts nos.

as follows – i.  ADF UK; Sort Code: 20-57-76; Account No. 531 795 75.

  1. Alaigbo Development Foundation (Coalition Account )

Fidelity Bank Plc 5210050846

  • In order to inspire the confidence of donors in their project, the Video Documentary did emphasize that the Fund being raised was under the Management of Internationally-respected Igbo stakeholders, mentioning Bishop Obi Udezue Onubogu as the Chairman of the Financial Committee.
  • Still yet, in order to inspire great confidence and trust of the leadership of CARECSO in those in charge of the UK Account, Nze Ike Eze had introduced three women, hitherto unknown to us as follows –
  1. Dr. Nwanyieze Nneka Cantle
  2. Mrs. Rose Nwachukwu and
  3. Pat Ifeyinwa Clough –

One of them had requested me, Prof Uzodinma Nwala to speak to the husband that he was very keen on joining her in the fundraising campaign for CARECSO. That I did in good conscience and the gentleman assured me that he was going to participating in the fundraising campaign.

The group has also been pestered me to give them the names of ADF members in Europe so that they can join them in the fundraising campaign. That I equally did in good conscience.

  1. In yet another of their powerful appeals for funds, the group had informed the prospective donors in Nigerian, in their words –

We will send you CARESCO account and you can contact CARESCO on how they can assist your community set up ndi nche

We will send you CARESCO account and you can contact CARESCO on how they can assist your community set up ndi nche

The Issue of Accountability and Transparency in the management of public funds –

During the last zoom meeting but one of CARECSO, those of them who spoke as members of the PSG fundraising Committee were hammering on what they called Transparency and Accountability to a most irritating manner. I can still remember the comments of Bishop Udezue Onubogu (Chairman of CARECSO Finance Committee) as well as those of Bishop Cosmas Ilechukwu and Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, both of whom are members of CARECSO Finance Committee and Rev Prof Philip Ogbonna. The later had to leave the zoom meeting in disgust because he could not understand why the talk about Accountability and Transparency when he knows that he and the Coordinator of the Coalition have been funding the work of the Security Committee of the COALITION from their private pocket.

The purpose of this report is to request the Finance Committee of the COALITION (CARECSO) to officially and jointly release the Bank Statement of the Coalition Account.

Finally, CARECSO is to ask Nze Ike Eze and those in charge of the UK Bank Account controlled by the PSG Team to transfer the money in the UK Account to the Nigerian Account of CARECSO. I believe that is the only way the donors can be assured that their money has been delivered as intended.


Coordinator, CARECSO

      Dec. 1, 2020 

Resignation as a Member of South-East Security Committee. – ADF President, Prof. Nwala

Resignation as a Member of South-East Security Committee. – ADF President, Prof. Nwala

To –
Gen Obi Abel Umahi
South-East Security Committee​
August 25, 2020

Dear Sir,

Resignation as a Member of South-East Security Committee.

I write to resign formally as a member of the South-East Security Committee which was set up at a Joint Meeting of the Governors Forum, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) since February 2020. I do this because the purpose for which this Security Committee was set up has been made null and void with the pronouncements of the Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi Sate, abolishing the idea of a Regional Security Architecture for the South-East. According to him, the Governors of the South East have jointly rejected the idea of a Regional Security Architecture for the entire South East and by extension, the entire Alaigbo.

The fact that the so-called South East Security Committees set up since early 2020 and after several months nothing had been achieved means that it was not intended to serve any useful purpose.

In place of a Regional Security Scheme for Alaigbo, the Governors of the South-East have accepted the Community Policing program of the Federal Government. As you may recall, the Community Policing program has been rejected by the South East after the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) exposed its inherent character as a policy to encourage the continued serial killing, kidnapping and rape of our women as well as to ensure the occupation of Alaigbo by the Fulani Jihadists.

As you celebrate may recall, ADF had compared the policy of Community Policing as equivalent to handing over the Security of Chickens to the Hawks.

In opting out of the now moribund South East Security Committeem, we, in ADF shall continue to work with the various pan-Igbo organizations to advance all possible and legitimate means of ensuring the Security of Alaigbo and her neighbors.

It is to be recalled that in a Press Statement issued by the ADF on February 2020, we had stated unequivocally that the “POLICING PLAN of the Nigerian Police has been IN OPERATION IN THE SOUTH EAST while the horrors in several parts of Alaigbo including Ebonyi State as depicted in the Report of Chief Igariwey at the last Ime-Obi meeting as well as that depicted in the Report by Mr. Aduba (CP Rtd.) at the Joint meeting of Ime-Obi and the Governors Forum, all those horrors rather than abating have been rising to crescendo with our helpless people wondering if they have any Government or leaders who care for their plight”.

It is to be observed, very unfortunately, that immediately following this declaration of the South-East Governors, the unarmed Igbo youths have been gruesomely mowed down in Enugu State by combined forces of the Army, Navy, Police and other security forces.

Most of the personnel of the forces are no doubt non-Igbos. What is more? While this is happening, none of our Governors are saying anything.

In addition, it is our view and stand that;
i. The Security of Alaigbo is a joint responsibility between the Government and the People of Alaigbo.
ii. ADF is not opposed to any genuine and positive role of the Federal Government and her agencies in helping to tackle the prevailing state of grave insecurity in Alaigbo, provided –
iii. That such role by Federal Agencies must be under the exercise and full control of personnel of our zone.
iiii. The primary Security outfit for the protection of Alaigbo must be that created by the Government and people of Alaigbo.
v. Our people should not abandon their own individual and community responsibility over their security/
vi. If the Governors decide to abandon their own responsibility over the Security of our people, we, as organized patriotic forces in our land must continue to courageously play our role to ensure that our people overcome the prevent dangerous siege over our land.
vii. This is why history beckons on the emergent Coalition of Religious and Civil Society groups in Alaigbo to remain focused and determined to help protect our people. Certainly part of their responsibility is to provide strategic guidance to our patriotic youths to enable them play their role constructively.

Finally, we wish to call on the Federal Government to legalize the use of AK47 so that our people can arm themselves for self-defense. In the absence of this, we call on our people to arm themselves with any available defensive weapons for the protection of themselves, our wives and our children, This is a fundamental natural right that supersedes any state law.

Thank you.

ADF President​

i. His Excellency
Governor Dave Umahi
Chairman South-East Governors F orum
ii. The South-East Governors Forum
iii. The President General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo
iiii. The Coalition of Alaigbo Religious and Civil Society Organizations
v. Pan-Igbo Groups and Pro-Biafra Organizations in Alaigbo
vi. Chairman, South-East Council of Traditional Rulers
vii. Prof. Ben Nwabueze, Igbo Leaders of Thought (ILT)
viii. Chief Mbazulike Amaechi,
ix. His Lordship, Bishop Obi Udezue Onubogu
Chairman, ADF BOT
x. Archbishop Maxwell Anikwenwa
xi. Archbishop J.V Obinna, etc.




In 2016, the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), following consultations with some of our respectable stakeholders submitted a Draft Anti-Open Grazing Bill to all the Seven (7) States in Igbo-Speaking Areas.

Only the Abia House of Assembly passed the Bill thereafter, awaiting to be signed into law by the Governor.

That initiative of ADF was sequel to her earlier intervention in both the Senate and the Federal House of Representatives, challenging the RUGA, CATTLE COLONY AND GRAZING ROUTES (or whatever name it has ever be known) as were then proposed by the Federal Government.

Those programs eventually have been rejected by majority of the various states and nationalities within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Why is the Grazing of Cattle an issue and core one affecting the Security of lives and property in the Republic today?

Those who emphasize what they call herders-farmers clash as a major root-cause of the present bloody Security situation in Alaigbo and other parts of the Federation are right in a sense. The free roaming and grazing of cattle that lawlessly destroy the crops of helpless farmers is the major root cause of the problem.

What is more, criminals from West African and other countries have taken advantage of this situation to invade our communities wrecking all manner of havoc, killing, maiming, kidnapping our innocent citizens, rapping our wives and daughters with reckless abandon.

The Nigerian President, General Mohammad Buhari has himself confessed that many of these criminals come from Libya.
The most common identity of these criminals is that they hide under the movement of cattle.

Subsequent events show that the Buhari Regime and all other Fulani-controlled governments in the Federal Republic have encouraged this infiltration and invasion by the Fulani from other West African countries. They have not only opened the Nigerian borders to them, they have officially invited them to come and occupy Nigeria.

Therefore, the first step in tackling the Security challenges is to control the free movement and grazing of Cattle.
We are not saying that nobody should rear cattle. All we are saying is that open grazing of cattle is bad for our Security and is bad for our economy and our survival.
Therefore, the law banning open grazing of animals, cattle, goat and sheep is imperative for the above reasons.



Above all and in the absence of State Law, we have our ANCESTRAL CUSTOMARY LAW which prohibits the roaming of GOATS, SHEEP, COWS, CATTLE, in our communities and farms.

We have Old Eastern Nigeria Law which prohibits the roaming of animals within the communitues.
In addition, we have in Imo State an Anti-Open Grazing Law passed under the regime of Governor Udenwa.

Such animals prohibited from open Grazing under these laws are teetered to avoid the destruction of farm lands if they are allowed to roam freely within the community.

In most of our ancestral communities, women organize themselves and provide schedules for various groups of women to operate on assigned days, to monitor, arrest offending animals and handing them over to community leaders. The owners of such animals must pay approved fines before they can reclaim their animals

It is now imperative that we must compel our State Governments to Urgently enact the Anti-Open Grazing Law and provide all necessary measures to ensure their strict enforcement. This is one crucial step to ensure the security of lives and property in our Region!


Today, virtually all communities have their VIGILANTE (Local Security Watch), Therefore, every community must be encouraged to set up their Community Vigilante. State Houses of Assembly and Governors should quickly enact enabling Laws to back such measures.

The State Governments and the various communities must provide the needed resources for their effective operation.

We must say NO to the so-called COMMUNITY POLICING Program being propagated by the Nigerian Police which some Governors are cowardly, and for some other reasons, are accepting.

To surrender our Security to the Fulani-dominated Nigerian Police is like asking the hawks to police the chickens!

We in the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) as well as other Religious and Civil Society Organizations in Alaigbo Call on our people to take their destiny into their hands.

Security is the joint Responsibility of the People and their Government!
Any State Governnent that fails to take these legal and political measures to ensure the security of our ancestral homes must be declared an enemy of our people.

It is in this breath that both ADF and the Coalition of Alaigbo Religious and Civil Society Organizations support the #EndOpenGrazingNow Campaign# as well as the “One Million March” proposed for this August supported by ADF and other organizations which BVI has been promoting.

ADF is also urging our people in mainland Alaigbo and other areas to immediately follow-suit the courageous and patriotic steps being taken and enforced by our kits-and-kin in the ANIOMA areas of Delta State to prevent the invasion of their territory by Fulani Herdsmen. Umuigbo our destiny is in the hand of God, but our God expects us not to fold our hands and allow our ancestral land to be overrun by the invaders. We must fight for it and then He will give us victory!

Prof . Uzodinma Nwala
ADF President .
Aug. 3, 2020

Francis Akanu Ibiam – A Christ-like Disciple and ​Our Modern Classical Saint.

Francis Akanu Ibiam – A Christ-like Disciple and ​Our Modern Classical Saint.

Francis Akanu Ibiam –
A Christ-like Disciple and
​Our Modern Classical Saint.

The German Philosopher , Karl Marx, regarded all those who truly embodied the Spirit of Christ as Classical Saints. For him, the true modern saints are to be found only among the true followers of Christ. But Christ has truly said not all those who shout and call upon God. Father! Father! will enter the kingdom of God.
Many regard Karl Marx as an atheist because of what is called his materialist theory. But that is for those who read him upside down, or dwelt on those intellectually fanciful interpretations of his doctrine.

The truth is that Karl Marx had such profound respect for Christ, the founder of true modern Christian faith. Hear what he said of Christ.

“The Classical Saint mortified his body for the salvation of the soul of the masses.
But the modern saint mortifies the body of the masses for the salvation of his own soul,

For Marx, sainthood is what typifies Christ and his true followers, particularly, the classical followers of Christ beginning from the Twelve (12) Disciples. These were the people Marx saw as those who mortified their bodies, just as Christ did, ready for all kinds of tribulations in the hands of civil authorities as they crusade for the salvation of the body and soul of the masses, even against the civil authorities.
There are examples in modern times even in our clime of such modern classical saints. For example, Dr Francis Akanu Ibiam of blessed memory was indeed a true representative of the Classical Saint, a true Christ-like minister and disciple of Christ.
During the war (I mean the Biafra war), Dr Akanu Ibiam as leader of the World Council of Churches, fearlessly mobilized the Church to provide humanitarian services to his people. In protest over the role of the Government of Great Britain, he returned the British Empire Title, OBE to the Government of Harold Wilson for the complicity of that Government in the Biafra genocide.

Dr Akanu Ibiam immediately after the war went to General Yakubu Gowon and threatened to call the Biafrans back to arms if his Government continued to treat them as conquered people.
When the soldiers and security personnel of General Ibrahim Babangida arrested students of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus for violating the Decree which banned student demonstrations and was about sending them for trial by a Military Tribunal set up for that purpose, we approached Dr Akanu Ibiam. He went straight to Dodan Barracks and asked General Babangida whether it was his intension to test his Decree with Igbo students. Babangida immediately ordered the release of those students despite the fact that they violated his so-called Military Decree.

It was Dr Akanu Ibiam who modernized the traditional chieftaincy institution in Alaigbo, re-christened it Ezeship institution, whereby Igbo traditional rulers took the title of Eze instead of Chief, Akanu Ibiam, himself became the Ezeogo of Uwana.
Dr Akanu Ibiam was instrumental to the founding of Igbo State Union as well as OhaNaeze Ndigbo. He was a true Igbo leader an active Christian Minister and a great advocate of the Igbo liberation struggle.
His daughter. Princess Alu Ibiam, the current Regrnt of Uwana was one of the founding mothers along with Hon Mrs Maria Okwo of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) and is a member of the ADF Board of Trustees.
Dr Akanu Ibiam, Ezeogo of Uwana chaired the launching of my book, Igbo Philosophy at Owerri, while HRH Eze Onuegwunwoke was the Chief launcher of the book.
Today, one of the great hallmarks of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) is the spiritual guidance of several members of the clergy, most of whom neatly fit into the mold of Christ-like disciples, the Modern Classical Saints.

Christ himself was not only a spiritual liberator, he was also a selfless civil liberator. It is in this sense that he hailed as our Supreme Classical Saint. Indeed, you cannot be called a true Christ-like disciple or a minister of God unless your life epitomizes the spirit of a liberator of the oppressed, I mean those oppressed by both evil spirits and evil humans.

ADF President
July 21, 2020