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 ALAIGBO DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF) is a registered non-Governmental organization that brings together Igbo Intelligentsia, Elders, Clergy, Patriotic public figures, Women and Youth, both at home and abroad, with the main objective of protecting and ensuring the survival of Ndigbo, their Culture and Civilization as well as the development of Igbo-land. It was established following the International Colloquium on the Igbo Question in Nigeria held in Enugu in March 11th – 14th, 2014.

The International Colloquium itself was conceived in the light of the persistent socio-political situation in the Nigerian Federation which has continued to fuel international and national debate over her future, and in the light of the enormous challenges facing Ndigbo both in Nigeria and in the Contemporary world. The absence of internal cohesion and national focus within Igbo-land as well as the extreme physical and political vulnerability of her citizens made the International Colloquium a timely and urgent wake-up call.

The Colloquium was indeed a major global event that attracted many of the best minds in the Igbo nation, many of whom came from the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, etc. For three days, the well-over two thousand, five hundred (2,500) Igbo sons and daughters deliberated over the persistent century-old predicament of Ndigbo in Nigeria, over which all and sundry in Igbo-land, youths and elders, men and women, at home and in the Diaspora, keep groaning day after day, month after month, year after year.


The participants intensely examined ways and means of overcoming the persistent Igbo predicament so that her citizens can live a life of dignity and self-confidence, co-exist and live at peace with their neighbors, capable of protecting their lives as well as their collective and individual interests, apply their God-given talents and endowments for the betterment of themselves and the entire human race, do honor to the spirit of their ancestors and serve their God without let or hindrance.

ADF & Pan-Igbo Organisation

ADF and Ohanaeze Ndigbo

ADF is not a rival nor a replacement for Ohanaeze Ndigbo as Igbo National Socio-Cultural Organization. ADF is to support Ohanaeze whenever and wherever her support is needed. ADF is to work with Governments, various bodies and individuals in Igboland and Igbo diaspora to help sharpen the vision of the Founding Fathers of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, to work for the actualization of that vision and to ensure that those elected into positions of leadership of Ohanaeze abide by the vision and constitution of Ohanaeze Ndigbo
To this end it was decided that ADF shall be registered with Ohanaeze as one of the Affiliate Organizations. Thus, ADF may share with Ime-Obi Ohanaeze information on her activities whenever the need arises.

ADF and other Pan-Igbo organizations

ADF was born out of the collaborative efforts and support of several pan-Igbo organizations, intellectuals, elders, clergy, patriots, women and youth, who helped to nurture, support and worked for the actualization of the International Colloquium on the Igbo Question jn Nigeria which was held in Enugu, March 11th – 14th, 2014.That event is now a landmark event in the contemporary history of Igbo nation. It brought together over two thousand five hundred (2,500) Igbo citizens, from home and abroad, who for three days deliberated on various challenges facing the Igbo nation in Nigeria and in the world at large. It was in the midst of the Colloquium and during a Dinner hosted by one of our notable intellectuals and public figures that it was unanimously decided to set up and register a body to enable the organizations and individuals continue to collaborate in pursuing the goals and decisions reached at the International Colloquium.

ADF Aims & Objectives

• To protect and promote Igbo Culture and Civilization
• To produce a comprehensive Igbo National Charter for the immediate and long-term Restoration, Renaissance and Development of Igboland.
• To encourage Research, Documentation and Social Actions on various issues that affect Igboland, her social order and her peoples.
• To organize periodic fora and Social Actions in furtherance of the above.
• To cooperate with organizations that have similar objectives.
• To publish the results of its engagements.

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