Dear Beloved People, Umuigbo!


Recently I have had several occasions to exchange views with some of our well-meaning brothers and sisters. Many of them have sought to know the position of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) on the present critical state of our struggle for survival and liberation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Some of them are desirous for this information in view of the raging crises of insecurity and hunger in our land and because of what ADF has come to symbolize in our struggle.

Those of our brothers who are very active in the global campaign to expose the duplicity of the current regime in Nigeria, a regime that is complicit in the on-going Fulani Jihadist campaign of annihilation to wipe out the indigenous peoples of Nigeria and taking over their land; these brother are wondering why ADF appears to be missing in action at the global level.

Among these brothers and sisters, some of them are aware of the AKURUO ULO MOVEMENT (ACM) which ADF has birthed at home and is vigorously championing along with some well-meaning individuals and organizations at home. Yet they do not seem to accept that the ACM deserves the emphasis which ADF is ascribing to it.

They are asking, for example, how can we be talking of food production and security while the enemy is attacking our farms and killing our people, destroying the crops in our farms, raping our women and daughters, slaughtering them along with their husbands and fathers; how can we talk of food security when the Nigerian soldiers, security and police are harassing and killing our youths for daring to challenge them.

According to them, our primary attention should be exposing the grave insecurity in Alaigbo and her neighbors. Particularly, they insist we should focus on Relaying our current predicament to the world’. Thus, international campaign, they insist, is the major task of the struggle now, and everybody bothy at home and in the Diaspora should exclusively focus on it

What is my answer to this viewpoint?

Fellow compatriots, I am not a magician in terms of regarding my perspective and approach to how best, in strategic terms, to address our present predicament. But I have always tried to honestly and passionately apply the little gift of experience and knowledge I have in proffering what needs to be done at each moment of our struggle.

1. First of all let us understand the challenges facing us right now. What are they?
I Submit:
i. The enemy’s Conquest Agenda that is already being ferociously pursued.
ii. The Raging Anarchy particularly in our Motherland.
iii. The Raging State of Hunger in the land.
iiii. The disarray within our nation, etc, etc.
v. The cultural crises among Igbo Youth – exhibited to such an alarming state that both the school and education, not to talk of the family, are utterly helpless.
Yes, these are the primary challenges facing our nation today.
2. The fundamental question is What is to be Done In view of all these?
Permit me to say that surely there are two identifiable fronts from which these challenges are being seemingly addressed, namely;
I. The Home Front and
II. The Diaspora Front
Among these two friongts, there is no doubt that even though they are complementary and therefore need to have synergized strategies, THE HOME FRONT is indeed the more Critical and Decisive in contending with the Enemy and these challenges. I may be wrong –

i. This is the Front that is in direct Physical confrontation with the Conquest Agenda, the Raging State of Anarchy, State of Igbo National Disintegration, Food Security, Youth Disorientation and unemployment etc. It is the front from which to directly confront the enemy.
ii. The basic question at this point is – With what instruments and resources do we confront the enemy? And how are they to be mobilized?
Surely the Needed Instruments and Resources are to be mobilized from within both the HOME and the DIASPORA FRONTS.

iii. What are the required resources?


iiii. What are the needed materials? Instruments of physical engagement, and information and Intelligence gathering as well as organized forms of human physical resistance?
v. Instruments of information – Radio, Television, Newspaper, Internet and Oral communication. These can be sourced from Home-base as well as Diaspora-base.
vi. Organization of internal alliances and all necessary maneuvers to confront and defeat the enemy.
The most important point to note here is the enormous responsibility placed on the shoulders of the HOME FRONT. This is the Front the Enemy is struggling to overrun, conquer and take over. Therefore, it has to be managed by patriotic, lion-hearted, and tested forces on the ground.


The major responsibilities of the DIASPORA FRONT include –

a. To relay our AGONIES AND SUFFERINGS in the hands of the Fulani Jihadists as well as the relentless and mind-bugling complicity of THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA to the International Community and gain first their moral support.
b. To secure International Diplomatic support.
c. To secure their overt and covert military support if need be.
d. To use all possible strategic measures to secure friends abroad for our cause.
e. To provide funds and relief in aid and support to the home front.

i. Synergy among the patriotic forces in the Home Front.
ii. Synergy among the Patriotic forces in the Diaspora Front.
iii. Synergy among the Home Front and the Diaspora Front.

Dear Compatriots,
What is needed very urgently is clarity on these questions, particularly clarity as to who does what and how to coordinate all forces available to us.
At the moment and tragically, no such coordination exists! But who is to blame?

The blame is on all of us. It is not only on the politicians or the agents of the enemy alone. Yes, these are the frontline enemies of our struggle. However, Social Media and some pretentious elements befog our rational communications. In Social Media, everybody is an authority and to hell with those so-called intellectuals even when they are innocent and concerned fellow compatriots.

i. Anyone who tells you he can drive the Home Front from Abroad is A DANGEROUS DEMAGOGUE!
ii. Anyone who tells you he can drive the Diaspora Front from Home is equally A DANGEROUS DEMAGOGUE!.
iii. Similarly, Anyone who tells you that there are no PATRIOTIC, EXPERIENCED AND CAPABLE ELDERS AND STATESMEN Within the HOME FRONT IS DOUBLY A DANGEROUS DEMAGOUE! Indeed, he is an enemy of the Igbo Liberation struggle!
iii. Finally, Anyone who tells you that it is only within the Home Front that we can find Saboteurs of our Struggle and Agents of our Enemy is telling you DANGEROUS HALF TRUTH.

8. By the Way, who are the Enemies of our people?
i. Buhari, his Fulani Kinsmen, and All Who Are Intent On Totally Annihilating Our Nation, Our Civilization And Our Faith And Taking Over Our Ancestral Land.
ii. Their Agents within, some of whom have Fulani blood, while others for selfish material interest are serving the cause of the Enemy.
iii. Demagogues from within (both at home and in the Diaspora) who for the sake of lust for power (political and material) want to drive our struggle solo or in consort with many 419-ners who abound in our clime in several disguises and who see the Igbo Predicament And Struggle As A Vendible Item.

9. The Home Front Revisited!
Dear Compatriot, it is our submission (ADF) that given our present VULNERABILITY as a result of the overwhelming strength and preponderance of the above forces against us, we must devise the best feasible strategy that can enable us to systematically defend our people, our civilization and our Ancestral Home.
Here comes the AKURUO ULO MOVEMENT, call it LAND ARMY if you like. It is designed to enable us to –
Defend Our Ancestral Home Land,
​Produce Food and Feed Our People.
Protect Our People,
​And Empower Our Youth, Who Are A Vital Instrument For Our Defense.

While we do all these, there should be, I Repeat, that Formidable Synergy designed between the Home Front and the Diaspora Front.

10. Furthermore, Dear Compatriots,
The importance of encouraging patriotic, dedicated, and tested forces on the ground to manage the HOME FRONT is that it is the field Commanders who know when to urge our fighters to charge when to dodge when to take cover, when to tactically seize firing or when to withdraw.

All these are tactical steps to victory against the enemy. It is only after fighting in this way and it becomes impossible to defeat the enemy, rather than allow all our forces to be completely decimated by the enemy, there is also what is known as technical but temporary or momentary surrender. Just to live to fight another day.

To this, some will say Tufia Kwa! We should rather fight like the Spartans of the Carthaginian Army!

Yes, the danger of ignorance of these time-tested lessons of warfare is for a people to tragically fight like the Carthaginians (Spartans) – whose motto was –
A Spartan Dies but never Surrenders!
And at the point of total decimation by the enemy, the last Spartan soldier to breathe his last, on sighting their national emissaries who had come to take stalk of the horrors of defeat, said to them in such agonizing voice –
Soldiers Go,
Tell The Spartans,
That In Obedience To Their Law,
Here We Lay!

Dear Compatriots, nobody celebrates defeat or cowardly surrender to the enemy as some of our brothers and sisters may want us to do. No!.
But there are definite CONTOURS of WARFARE! History including our own history has a lot to teach us on this!

This is why the Chinese military wisdom celebrates THE MOST SUCCESSFUL GENERAL as the –

The Commander Who Wins A War Without Firing A Shot!

I believe the Race defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in Haiti in 1804.
Whose Women Amazons defeated the British Colonialists in 1929, has what it takes to defeat the now highly vulnerable Fulani Jihadists!
Indeed. Ndigbo are not alone now as they were in 1967-70!

FINALLY, Umunnem, Ndigbo!


We need to appreciate what the AKURUO Ulo Movement of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) is all about.

Security is at the heart of the AKURUO ULO Cooperative Movement. ADF is urging us to DEFEND our Land by collectively organizing our youth as both Farm Workers and Farm Guards!

We can’t fight the enemy on empty stomach nor cultivate while the enemy is destroying the farms with their cattle and raping and killing our women and men.
ADF is urging everyone to leave the comfort zone of their handsets, laptops, social media and get into our Farms and Agro-allied programs. Cultivate and produce food while at the same time we collectively defend our lands and crops,

Those who make reference to the Jews should study the Jewish Kibbutz system which was both village farm settlements and barracks.
ADF is already embarking on large-scale communal farms organized on the cooperative model to produce food, secure our land as well as promote youth empowerment.

If we move along this trajectory we shall more strategically deploy the youths and move them away from crime and adventurist heroism.
In this way, we shall have an abundance for domestic consumption as well as export. We are guided by this notion of security by fundamental natural and customary laws.

Self-preservation and self-defense are fundamental RIGHTS and LAWS that supersede all civil and state laws. We, therefore, have a divine right and duty to protect ourselves and our property.

ADF has established a Pilot Farm, secured lands in several parts of Alaigbo, secured the cooperation of several stakeholders and organizations, and communities, established outlets for distribution and processing of products ACM Cooperative farms. \What is more, ADF has set up schemes to promote individual and collective farmers to go on their own with ADF Support.
Several investors are waiting are lined up to partner with the Akuruo Ulo Cooperative Movement.

Above all, ADF has set up a Management Board and also established communication channels with some State Governments and foreign investors to support the ACM.

The ACM Management Board has worked the scheme for buying of shares by investors.

​ August 1st, 2021