My views on the Era of Chief John Nnia Nwodo Jr as President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo 

“Any discerning person who is a keen participant in the Igbo Affairs and who followed the election, performance, politics and eloquence of Chief John Nnia Nwodo Jr. will attest that he is a true son of late Chief John Nwodo Sr.

After congratulating him following his election, I urged him to summon a meeting of the Ime Obi so that we set Agenda for his Executive, he said to me

“Prof that body is full of agents. I shall sanitize it before I summon it”

Incidentally that was the main organ of Ohanaeze that elected him. And throughout his three or four-year period as President General of Ohanaeze, he barely summoned a meeting of Ime Obi Ohanaeze.

In his undiplomatic altercations with IPOB, he told the world on the floor of the Anambra House of Assembly that he would sabotage any war of Igbo liberation.

The world knows about who and who were the first to congratulate Chief Nwodo after his election; an election that was heralded by the majestic visit of the Sultan of Sokoto to Enugu state.

He has fought every pan-Igbo organization. He looks in the direction of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) when ever his regime is in trouble suffering from lack of funds or legitimacy. Once we bail him out he continues his blackmail of ADF.

He told Ndigbo that has over 20 policemen and security personnel guarding his house in Ukehe. He did not say how many he has in his Enugu Residence or who pays for their upkeep.

The era of Chief John Nnia Nwodo Jr as President of Ohanaeze is a Subject for research on how to convert the socio-Cultural soul of a Nation into an instrument of its self-liquidation!

Under his regime Ohanaeze Ndigbo has split into several factions. Chief John Nnia Nwodo’s soul-mates in the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo are the OJI AKPA ELI OZUs in ALAIGBO.

Chief John Nnia Nwodo’s era as the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has decreed a tragic NUNC DIMITIES for Ohaneze Ndigbo.

I firmly believe that from the ashes of Chief John Nnia Nwodo’s regime as PG of Ohaneze Ndigbo shall rise a solid pan-Igbo socio-cultural Organization that shall continue to serve as a dynamic moral force in the Igbo struggle.

Uzodinma Nwala


ADF President