The Rebuilding and Development of Igbo Nation and the Rebirth and
Advancement of the Spirit of her Culture and Civilization



Although this is a Message to the entire Igbo race, it is also addressed to all who share either totally or partially in our present predicament.


Up until few weeks ago, when the news of Corona Virus filled the air in Nigeria, we were confronted mainly with the forces of insurgency on a determined course to annihilate us, stamp out our faith, wipe out our civilization and occupy our ancestral land.


There was no one to come to our rescue, neither the Federal Government nor our own State Governments. Every possible evidence showed clearly that the Federal Government was in support of the insurgents. State governments in the north did not hide the fact that the insurgency was their historical movement to take over not only our land but the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Our State Governments were too timid, complacent or afraid to mobilise our people to protect themselves.

Authorities around us behaved as if Ndigbo have lost even the basic natural right of self-preservation or rather that we and our land have become cannon fodder for the pleasure of the ramapging murderous sqaud and their cattles.

In the process, our people including the Christian territories of the North and South of Nigeria lost men, women and children ten times what the entire world has lost due to the present Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We also lost billions worth of property including our crops and farm lands. We have been subjected to brutal massacre, rape of our women and daughters, kidnapping for ramson. On top of this, the Nigerian military and police have behaved like occupation forces, and our judiciary turned into an instrument in the hands of our tormentors.

Suddenly, We have found our selves along with the entire human race confronted with the global COVID-19 Pandemic.


Unfortunately, it is hard to say how many people have contracted COVID-19 in Alaigbo and the entire Federal Republic of Nigeria. Confirmed cases are determined through testing. But the big question is how many have been tested? How much faciltities does Nigeria have to conduct the tests? Lagos and Abuja report of some relatively higher number because the faciltites for test are more readily available in those areas. The Government has for example, released billions of naira to Lagos State.

Umuigbo travel more than any other people in Niegria and so indeed have a higher rate of exposure to the Corona virus. The other day, the nurses in one of the Teaching Hospitals in Alaigbo were demonstrating against lack of basic equipment; masks, gloves, testing kits, ventilators, etc.

Meanwhile, debate is raging as to the cause and cure of the COVID-19. The grave issues about the pandemic is now being swallowed by global power struggle and rivalry (political, diplomatic, military) among the super-powers.


The social media has become a double-edged sword – enlightening and spreading dangerous disinformation at the same time.

Tragically, the entire scientific community has been exposed and its authority badly impaired because of multiple-speak among the authorities.

Religion has taken the worst beating in the whole process, not only Christianity but the other religions. While Christianity has been suffering under the weight of jihadism and its own internal decay, presently unable to defend its own authencity, Islam is boldy asserting itself because it has been more than a religious movement.
It is fundamentally a politcal movement, bent on conquiring the world, with its present focus on Nigeria.


Umuigbo, given the this tragic combination of two forces of annihilation, and our vulnerability as a nation what do we do? How can we survive these forces of nature and society?

NDIGBO are besieged by two Deadly Forces – Fulani Invasion and COVID-19, hence the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) urges our people to –
1. Please Always Remain Conscious of our Present Double Predicawment!

Never to forget that we were engaged in a war of survival before the arrival of the coronavirus. And that this war is still raging inspite of the corona virus.
If anyone is in doubt, let him read the research-documentd report of the The International Society for Civil Libertires and Rule of Law (Intersoceity) showing that Fifty (50) Christians were hacked to death by Fulani Jihadists in March and Ten (10) in the first two days of April 2020.
This figure is higher than the 5 or so COVID-19-related deaths recorded throughtout Nigeria.

The other day the Nigerian Military descended on the Warri Community wrecking havoc; brutalizing the people and threatenig to rape their women with more reckless abandon.

2. Respect all Stay Safe Guidelines on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Effective Medical Guidelines and Rules for dealing with the Corona Virus must be observed to the letter. Everybody should join in simplifying and ensuring the strict observance of these rules by the masses.

The first act of ADF in the midst of the Pandemic was to direct the ADF Deputy Secretary, who is a medical expert to issue a bulletin to provide our people basic information on the COVID-19 Virus and how to handle the Pandemic. This he did in ADF BULLETINS 1 & 2.

Use of Town Criers to Spread the Message to the People:

ADF has just set up a Committee to reduce the basic rules drawn from global and national authorities to simple messages both in English and in our local dialects.

The Committee shall transmit the messages to the various town unions and churches. In turn, the Town Unions and Churches are urged to appoint town criers who would go round twice a week to spread the messages to their various communities. The Town Unions and Churches can afford to give the town criers basic stipend for this community service.

3. Umuigbo – Let us be our Brothers’ Keepers!

It is obvious that this is the time the famed Igbo attribute of being our brothers keeper is challenged as never before. Please do not forget our vulnerable ones in our villages and communities. There is nobody who can do this for us except our Chukwu Okike Abiama and ourselves.

Please share what you have with your vulnerable people in your families and kindreds.

Please ‘Ndi Akajiaku’ in Alaigbo donate directly to the villages and communities. Do not give any money to the Government. Let the Governments deploy the billions of naira and dollars at their disposal to provide the basic needs of security, food, water and electricity to the people.

Our various town and state unions in the diaspora please send funds to support the vulnerable people at home.

4. Message to Our State Governments:

The State Governments should concentrate the funds available to them to meet the basic needs of the people. We mean basic needs of security, food, water, and electricity.

The program of sit-at-home should be organised and implemented in a way our people are not starved. There should be room for them to sell and buy their basic needs while observing basic rules of social distancing, use of gloves and sanitizers etc. This is where the State Governments come in. This is also where the services of the health workers are needed.

5. The Army and Police should not constitute a ‘Third Pandemic Force’.

Efforts should be made to prevent the Army and Police from terrorising the people at this time. The soldiers and the Police should be deployed to their state of origin.

6. The Church needs an Internal Reform to Return to its original Mission.

The Church should go back to the basic mission of the Church when the Church was the succour for the poor, the sick and the widows. The various Christian denominations in Igboland are wealthy and this is the time to deploy this wealth for the benefit of the massses. This is the time for the Church in Alaigbo to regain relevance.

7. Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters, this is not the time to engage in the bashing of Christianity!

To do this is to do the enemies job, namely, hasten the liquidation of the Christisan Faith. Our criticism should be focused on those fraudsters who hide under Christainity to promote their fraudulent actvities.

We should remember that some of the noblest of our citizens are clergy men and that Igbo land have produced many highly spiritual and dedicated religious leaders.

8. There are grave issues which have arisen in connection with the reality of COVID-19 and whether there is a political motive to its emergemce at this time in our history. Igbo land has many eminent scientists and medical doctors who should guide us on such grave issues including the 5G issues. These are not subject of Social Media warfare and should not be left to Social Media warriors, nor are they mere subject of Superpower rivalry.
Remeber that there has been several epidemics and worse Pandemics in history. A list of some of those cases are in circulation and ADF Bureau of Publicity is being asked to recirculate the documents.


Prof. T. Uzodinma Nwala; ADF President

Prof. A.N Aniekwu; ADF Secretary

Bishop Obi Onubogu; ADF BoT Chair

Hon. Abia Onyike; Chairman, ADF Publicity Bureau

April 6, 2020