The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) has received the news about the ruling of the Supreme Court of Nigeria over the outcome of the 2019 Presidential Elections.

We must say quite frankly that we are not surprised that the Justice Tanko-led Supreme court delivered this verdict which we consider one more very dark moment in the history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And we believe that majority of the people living in the Federal Republic of Nigeria are not surprised as well.

Everybody saw this verdict coming the very day the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Onoghen, was crudely hounded out of office.

Meanwhile, we congratulate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his running-mate, Mr. Peter Obi for their comportment before, during and after the election, including their reaction to this judgment of the Justice Tanko-led Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Those who have finally murdered justice, have murdered the political environment of Nigeria and shall reap the fruits they have sowed.

When on October 16, 2018, ADF gave a world Press Conference endorsing the Atiku-Obi Ticket, we did so for reasons that have been confirmed by subsequent events. We did say that their victory would not instantly guarantee Ndigbo the resolution of the century-old predicament in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, nor guarantee the quest for Self-determination for Alaigbo and other nationalities.

We did assert that under an Atiku-Obi Presidency, the series of brazen onslaught against Igbo business men would not continue, and we may now add that the blockage of Alaigbo by Air, Land and Sea would not continue. That is to say that the Enugu Airport would not be shut down in such an inhuman manner as it has now been done. Of course, the mindless regular killings of our kith-and-kin would be stoutly arrested. Certainly, under Atiku-Obi watch, poor innocent Kendra would not be lying lifeless in a cold coffin and grave in Oma Eke in Udi LGA today, victim of the incessant rape and murder of our people by the Fulani insurgents.

Of course, we did say that “His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi, is one of the most Authentic, Trusted and Capable Igbo leaders through whom the form of the continued membership of Alaigbo (if at all) in the Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria could be negotiated”. We did add, however, that there are a few other authentic Igbo sons and daughters like him, they may not be many under the present circumstances.

Now that we have reached the end of the road of democratic governance because of the sabotage and systematic annihilation of all democratic institutions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is over to God and the people – God who gives ultimate just power and the people to whom power belongs,

We, in the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) believe that the people can defend their freedom under God’s watch, and this may not be long in coming.