To Receive a delegation of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) on Tour of the United States of America Held at  the First Immanuel Church, 1126 South Ashland Chicago, Illinois, September 9. 2018.

A Forum of Igbo Communities in Chicago, USA was convened by the leadership of Igbo Communities in Chicago to receive the President of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) and his team who are on a visit to United States of America to exchange views with the Igbo Diaspora on the current challenges of survival and development of Alaigbo.

In his address to the Forum, the President of ADF, Professor Uzudinma  Nwala, spoke on the issues of Igbo Regional Integration; Homeland Security; the on-going ethnic and religious cleansing in Nigeria; the militarization of Alaigbo and the brute torture of her women and youths; the infiltration and occupation of ancestral homes of Alaigbo by trained Fulani insurgents masquerading in various guises; the imperative of self-defense as fundamental natural right of Alaigbo and all humanity; the neglect of Alaigbo in the distribution of  immense foreign aid flowing into the coffers of Federal Republic of Nigeria; the seizure of the organs of organs of state authority and concentration of same in the hands of one ethnic group – the President’s kinsmen; urgent necessity of Youth Empowerment programs to alleviate the excruciating level of poverty in Alaigbo; the need to drive the Akuruo-Ulo (Invest-At-Home) Movement as a vital element in the Rebirth and Development of Alaigbo, ETC..

The ADF President also spoke on the latest attempts to define the future of Alaigbo with particular reference to the Awka Declaration hosted by the Ohaneze Ndigbo which President Buhari has dismissed as Personal Agenda. He narrated the background to the Enugu Declaration of July 28, 2018 as a Re-affirmation of Igbo Position and which has been endorsed by over sixteen pan-Igbo and pro-Biafra organizations, including major stakeholders in Alaigbo.

On the fundamental position of the Enugu Declaration, the ADF President explained the need to synergize all the committed patriotic view-points in Alaigbo.

According to ADF President, there are two positions in Alaigbo today,

  1. Those who want Ndigbo to continue to remain as part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the expectation that the situation of Ndigbo will get better, and
  2. Those who believe that after 104 years the artificial Federal has remained a grave yard for Ndigbo.

However, those Igbo citizens who wish to remain in Nigeria also believe in and demand their inalienable right of Ndigbo to self- determination, insisting that any continued political union of Ndigbo with their neighbors in Nigeria must be based on the fundamental principle of free choice, the choice to remain or opt out of the union; the recognition that Alaigbo is a Nation, a land of free peoples and therefore, any union with any other nation must be based on the hallowed principle of Self-determination.

It is to be noted that Alaigbo did not become part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria initially out of choice, but by force, due to the determination of a foreign power that led to the Amalgamation of 1914.

In light of the above, if Alaigbo is to remain as part of Nigeria, Alaigbo must be recognized as An Autonomous Self Governing Region, In full Control of our Lives, Our land, Our Resources and Our Security and Legal System; Free to Relate To The World, But Collectively Agreeing On A Union With Our neighbors in Nigeria or with those Willing To Live Under The Same Principle Of Self-Determination as we Cherish and desire for Ourselves.

HOWEVER, if this fundamental national right of Ndigbo is ultimately rejected by the forces of hegemony dominating the affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Ndigbo shall opt out of Nigeria and Establish The INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF ALAIGBO or whatever name we chose to name our independent Republic.

For Alaigbo, this is the Option of Self- Determination and Freedom, guaranteed by our Creator and enshrined in the United Nation’s Charter of People Rights as well as African Charter on Human Rights.

This is the position which has been clearly articulated in the Enugu Declaration as a Reaffirmation of Igbo Position on their Future.  It has received the endorsement of the two shades of opinion in Alaigbo.

Finally, the ADF President distributed the text of the Enugu Declaration which was read and discussed at the Forum.

The ADF President briefed the participants on the programs and activities of ADF since its birth which has made it a major voice in the Igbo struggle and affairs.

The Forum engaged in spirited discussion on the Speech of the ADF President, fielding fundamental questions, expressing the concerns of the Igbo Diaspora over the urgent need to ensure that the survival of Ndigbo and development of Alaigbo are not neglected or compromised; the need for synergy of all patriotic citizens of Alaigbo, the special role of Igbo Diaspora in helping to pilot the struggle for the survival and development of Alaigbo, etc.

Finally, the Chicago Forum resolves as follows:

  1. To recognize and express deep satisfaction over the emergency and achievements of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) as well as the new strategic impetus it has brought to the struggle to chart a new course for the survival and development of Alaigbo
  2. The forum called on the ADF to help promote greater synergy and focus among all the groups and forces presently engaged in the struggle to liberate Alaigbo from the shackle of annihilation.
  3. The Forum urged the Ohaneze Ndigbo and the State Governments in Alaigbo to recognize and support the role of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) in the affairs of Alaigbo.
  4. The Forum firmly endorsed the ENUGU DECLEARATION and calls on UmuIgbo to align the Igbo struggle to establish the Igbo Nation either as An Autonomous Region in the new Federal Union or as An Independent Republic if the first option is rejected by the forces of hegemony in Nigeria
  5. The Forum condemns the military occupation of Alaigbo, the killings of Igbo citizens by the Nigerian military and Fulani insurgents, the harassment and torture of Igbo citizens as if they are disposable items or slaves whose lives do not matter.
  6. The Forum condemns the recent arrest, torture and detention of Igbo women who were peacefully demanding the release of Nnamdi Kalu, the IPOB leader.
  7. The Forum called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to release Nnamdi Kanu and his parents who disappeared during the invasion of Alaigbo by the Nigerian Army under the guise of OPERATION PYTHON DANCE since 2017 and also release all IPOB and other freedom agitators in the Prison.
  8. The Forum condemns the seizure of all the organs of governance in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to wit the Executive, the Judiciary, the Military, Security forces and Civil Authority by Fulani leaders and their agents, who have virtually rendered the Federal Legislature comatose.
  9. The Forum calls on all the citizens of Alaigbo to support all measures to ensure the Security of Igbo Homeland, defend the fundamental right of Alaigbo as an Autonomous Self- Governing, Region, effectively in charge of the protection of the lives of her citizens and Security and to freely participate in global affairs in pursuit of the welfare and survival of her citizens.

Alaigbo must not compromise her right of free association with her neighbors either in a Federal Union of Nigeria or Biafra based on the principle of Self- determination and the right to opt out of the such union if we so wish.

  1. The forum calls for an urgent need of action to promote Youth Empowerment through promoting food production, through re-launching the Food Army Program that sustained Ndigbo and her neighbors during the Biafra War.
  2. The Forum calls on Igbo businessmen and women to help promote the Akuro-Ulo (Invest-At -Home) program initiated by ADF
  3. The Forum urges the Governments in Alaigbo to provide the enabling legal and political environment to promote investments in Alaigbo .
  4. The Forum congratulates the Governments in Alaigbo for their courage in rejecting the attempt to seize Alaigbo through spurious creation of Cattle Grazing Colony.
  5. The Forum pledged support for the anti-Open Grazing Bill which the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) has placed before the States in House of Assembly in Alaigbo.
  6. The Forum urges Umuigbo to render financial and other forms of support to all the legal cases instituted to challenge the brutal and arrogant killings and torture of Umuigbo.
  7. The Forum took a decision to work with other Igbo Organizations and Igbo Stakeholders and Organizations to host an IGBO SUMMIT in Chicago as soon as consultations and arrangements can be concluded. The Igbo Community organization in Chicago shall host the IGBO SUMMIT.


Long Live the Igbo Nation

Long live all the Communities of civilized nations, the World Over!!


Friday Nwokeoma Onwukwe

President Igbo Associations of Chicago

Adamazi Adanna Okoro

Dr. Ndieze Nnawuchi:

Adaeze Nwaezeapu

Chief Emeka Nnadi

Mr. Emeka Ukachukwu

Prince Odinakachi Ubani

Mr. Hardy Ogele

Pastor Victor Anukem

Rev. Paulicap Nwachukwu

Dr. Sam. Enyia

Mr. Chidi Enyia

Dr. K.K. Odeluga

Dr. Mrs. Odeluga

Professor Uzodinma Nwala

President Alaigbo Development Foundation

On behalf of the ADF Delegation

 SIGNED: On behalf of the Conveners:

Chief Eddie Nwosu

Chairman, Committee of Conveners.




The meeting, received and discussed report of the ADF official delegation to United States of America, last month,  led by ADF President, Prof Uzodinma Nwala which included ADF participation at the World Igbo Congress  Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, and several meetings with Igbo communities and organizations in many cities in USA. 

 Discussions on the State of the nation, the 2019 General Elections, the current Igbo national struggle for self-determination, the youth unemployment and youth empowerment, the continuing and ever widening military occupation of Igboland and the urgent need for Igbo Homeland Security, among other issues,  took the center stage.   

 Following extensive deliberations on the above matters, the following resolutions were reached:

  1. The Council noted with full satisfaction the achievements of the ADF official delegation to USA, especially the bond of unity and synergy between ADF and Diaspora Igbo organizations in USA that has been cemented in the struggle for the restoration and development of the Igbo Nation.
  2. The Council noted with delight, the full endorsement of the “Enugu Re-affirmation of Igbo position on the future of Alaigbo as well as the Nigerian Federation” in view of the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari had dismissed the Awka declaration as ‘personal agenda’.
  3. ADF Council endorses the call by the Chicago Forum for an urgent IGBO GLOBAL SUMMIT in Chicago and pledges its full support for all measures needed to actualize the Summit.
  4. The ADF Council discussed and approved the 2018 Amended Constitution of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) and directed the ADF International Working Committee to carry out the necessary editing of the text and forward same to the forthcoming ADF Congress to be held early next year.

5 With regards to the state of the nation, the Council noted with grave concern the high level of  mass poverty, total infrastructural decay, progressively expanding youth unemployment in Alagbo in particular and the Country in general.  The unending mass  genocide, maiming, rape and killing of our women, destruction of homes and properties, displacement, occupation and renaming of indigenous non-Muslim communities, especially  in the North Central states of Plateau, Taraba, Southern Kaduna, Benue,  Nasarawa and Zamfara, as well as the general insecurity caused by the nefarious and murderous activities of Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists  with tacit support of the Federal  security forces are all pointers that the country is dangerously, irreversibly heading to disintegration.

 ADF’s position that the 2019 General elections is already being packaged as a fraud, as the outcome is pre-determined only waiting for public announcement. This has been vindicated by the recent shows of shame that were tagged Ekiti and Osun gubernatorial elections and the Party primary elections as conducted by APC  and APGA.

 These developments under President Buhari and his APC Government have attracted worldwide condemnation and have erased the little growth of democracy achieved between 1999 and 2015.  The ADF Council further noted the massive under-aged  voters registration in the north, the unchecked influx of foreigners from the Sahel region,  the frustrations eligible voters encounter during registration and collection of PVC in the South East, South-South and Christian areas in the North central regions, the ongoing killings and displacement of indigenous communities in the Middle Belt  Region as well as fortification of military occupation and secret relocation of released Boko Haram fighters to the South East and South-South were the earliest signs.

 The Council noted with regret the continuing reign of impunity, open violation of the Constitution and laws of the land and utter disregard of Court decisions and Orders in the conduct of the country’s affairs. The open intimidation, emasculation, desecration and demobilization of the National Assembly and Judiciary are a clear pointer that dictatorship has overrun democracy in the polity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and that the center can no longer hold. The climax of this is exemplified by the Chairman of the ruling party, APC ‘inadvertently’ publicly barring his mind on the ideology of his party by saying that “those who cannot undergo the pains of rigging should not venture into politics”.

 The Council once more declares that the above predicaments facing the Federation is deeply rooted on the impunity with which the various nations that make up the federation were amalgamated in 1914; without their consent and the instrument of governance, the fake 1999 Constitution imposed on the peoples of this Country with military fiat, which begins with an open lie; “We the people”, when the people never formulated and endorsed it.

ADF sees no solution to the endemic crises rocking the Federation through the forthcoming 2019 Election. Therefore, the Council of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) calls for a properly constituted political Conference of all ethnic nationalities for a new Federal Union Constitution  that recognizes the rights to self determination of the constituent nations.

 ADF, therefore, calls upon Ohaneze Ndigbo, Afenifere, PANDEF, and Middle Belt Forum and all other socio-cultural organizations of the indigenous peoples of this country who are truly fighting for the emancipation of their people to urgently move beyond rhetoric and come up with clear, time-bound action plan for achieving the much talked about restructuring in the next few months left before the so-called elections. ADF is ever ready to co-operate with such bodies for the common goal of the oppressed peoples of this nation.

The ADF and most other major pan-Igbo organizations have already declared that nothing short of recognizing Alaigbo as AN AUTONOMOUS REGION in a New Federal Union can guarantee the continued participation of Alaigbo in any political union with her neighbors in the present Nigerian Federation.

 The Council commends Ndigbo in the United States for acknowledging their responsibility to actively participate in the urgent task of Igbo, Self-determination and self-reliance. The Council therefore calls on all Umuigbo across the world to join this struggle by making contributions in material, intellectual, diplomatic and moral support to ensure the survival of the nation presently trapped in an unworkable Nigerian Federation.

Similarly all pan-Igbo and Biafran self-determination groups are urged to imbibe the spirit of unity of purpose with one another while applying diverse positive methodologies in their operations, as this is one of the cardinal Igbo philosophy that ensures her victory

  1. All Ndigbo in Diaspora are enjoined to embrace the ADF message of Aku–Ruo-Ulo as well as Igbo national integration which are pivotal for the rapid restoration of the economy of Alaigbo as it is only Ndigbo that can develop our Alaigbo.
  1. As one of the ways to reduce massive unemployment of our teaming youth, the various state Governments in Alaigbo, Ohaneze, various Pan-Igbo Organizations and Ndigbo in the Igbo Diaspora are requested to come together with ADF to activate farming programs that saw to the survival of Biafrans during the Genocidal War of 1967-1970; the Land Army Farm Program. Similarly, the great Agricultural programs initiated by Dr Michael Okpara need to be activated urgently. The large palm plantations, cocoa, cashew, rubber and other plantations of the Okpara era need to be urgently reactivated. This will help also in addressing the urgent physical and food security needs of Alaigbo.

 ADF, however, noted that this program cannot succeed with the ravenous impunity of herdsmen who have invaded our communities, grazing on our crops, maiming, kidnapping for ransom and killing of villagers in their farm lands. Thus, ADF urges all the State Governments in Alaigbo to pass, if they truly care for the people, the Anti-Open Grazing Bill which ADF had tabled before all the Houses of Assembly several months ago. This bill will ensure that both the Cattle herdsmen operate in an atmosphere of peace and within law for the prosperity of Alaigbo. In this regard ADF congratulates the Abia House of Assembly for passing the Bill and call Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to sign the bill without futher waste of time.

 14. Finally, all Ndigbo and the various Governments in Alaigbo are enjoined to close ranks and tackle the Homeland security needs of our people.       

The International Colloquium on the Igbo Question in Nigeria:- The Habinger of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF).


The Alaigbo Developent Foundation (ADF) is a child of the International Colloquium on The Igbo Question in Nigeria, Before, During and After Biafra. That Colloquium was conceived by a body of Igbo Intelligentsia, Clergy, Elders, Patriots, Women and Youth in the light of the persistent crises-ridden socio-political situation in the Nigerian Federation and the debate over her future; and in the light of the enormous challenges facing Alaigbo both in Nigeria
and in the contemporary world. The absence of internal cohesion within the Igbo nation and the weak national focus made the call for an International Colloquium to address the issues of the future and survival of the Igbos timely and urgent.

The Igbos in Nigeria

The Igbo nation is one of the three largest ethnic nationalities that make up the Federal Republic of Nigeria which was created by the British Colonial Administration in 1914. The Igbo nation has an estimated population of about 150 million people world-wide. Her citizens are highly cosmopolitan and are found in every nook and cranny of the world. Within the Nigerian Federation, the Igbos are second in population after any native population. In Nigeria, the Igbo are found in the South-East, South-South and the Middle Belt, with strong cultural links with their neighbours in those areas. National Character.
Ndigbo are basically democratic and egalitarian in their socio-cultural philosophy; with a highly intellectual, religious, industrious and entrepreneurial spirit. There is more Igbo investment in the rest of Nigeria than inside Igbo-land. They are among the few, if not the only African society, that worshipped the Supreme God before the coming of Christianity.

At the present, she has over 90% Christian population.World-Class Citizens. The citizens of Igbo nation were in the forefront of African nationalism and led the struggle for Nigeria’s independence. She has produced world-renowned citizens in the various fields of human endeavour. Some of these include Olaudah Equiano, the great ex-slave writer and slave abolitionist crusader; Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, historically regarded as the doyen of African nationalism; Chinua Achebe, the author of the epic novel, Things Fall Apart, the father of African literature and one of the greatest writers in the contemporary world; Philip Emeagwali, one of the world-acclaimed pioneers in the development of the internet; Sir Akanu Ibiam, the one-time President of the World Council of Churches; Cardinal Arinze, one of the leading Catholic Cardinals in contemporary times.

• The British Amalgamation of 1914 And the Emergence of a Crisisridden Country.
The Federation which resulted from the British amalgamation in 1914 produced a highly crisis-and corruption-ridden country, endemic absence of basic human rights, with the Igbos being the major victims in the series of political, religious and ethnic riots that have be-devilled the Nigerian Federation since its formation.

• Incursion of the Military in Nigerian politics.
The high-point of the instability of the Nigerian Federation came in the wake of the military coups of 1966 and the series of massacre of Igbo civilians and
military officers in different parts of Nigeria. The initial coup was staged by young army officers with the aim of installing Chief Obafemi Awolowo, a
Yoruba chieftain, as Prime Minister of Nigeria. What followed after the failure of that coup was one of the worst cases of holocaust in human history. Finding lives unsafe in other parts of Nigeria, the Igbo returned to their territory to build a home of their own only to face the further annihilation and holocaust during the Nigeria-Biafra war of 1967-70.

• The Nigeria-Biafra War.
The Nigeria-Biafra War of 1970 claimed over 3 million Igbo lives in an unprecedented genocide in human history; the destruction of enormous material resources belonging to the Igbos in different parts of Nigeria, great devastation of Igbo-land and the rest of the former Eastern Nigeria. Apart from the genocidal experience, there was deliberate dismembering of the Igbo territory, with the core sectors of Igbo-land land-locked and economically made prostrate. There is an obvious conspiracy among the victorious parties in the war to continue to repress and hold down the Igbos and keep them politically
irrelevant in the affairs of the Nigeria Federation.

• Current pressures and challenges of physical and economicsurvival.
There has been problem of Igbo integration in Nigeria made more acute since the end of the war. With the emergence of Islamic insurgencies in Nigeria and the campaign to islamize Nigeria, the Igbos and Christians have been the major victims in the Boko Haram attacks on churches, markets motor parks
and other public institutions. The economic deprivations of Igbo citizens and region as well as officially undeclared war against Igbo businesses have given rise to kidnappings and other social vices which compound the economic and social problems in the region.

What is referred to as The Igbo Question in Nigeria is about the cumulative horrendous experiences of the Igbo nation and the present second-class status of her membership of the Nigerian Federation since the amalgamation of 1914. The Igbo nation incurred the wrath of the British colonial authorities because her citizens led the struggle for the emancipation of Nigeria from colonial rule – from the resistance to British penetration of the territories t the
beginning of the last century, to the Aba Women’s Riot of 1929 and the leadership role of Igbo leaders in the struggle for the independence of the Nigerian Federation. Thus further punishment for her citizens for their role in the anti-colonial struggle, the British made sure that the Igbo were crippled politically and incited the other nationalities against them.

• Renewed Calls for Renegotiating the Basis of the Nigerian FederationWhere do the Igbos Stand?
There is acute feeling of loss of self-confidence and national pride among the Igbos, aggravated mainly by the Biafra experience and the continued peripheral status of the Igbo nation in the scheme of things in Nigeria. And this is nation that has contributed more than any other nationality in the economic and political development of Nigeria. Meanwhile, the volatile nature of the Nigerian political environment has continued to fuel demands for the renegotiation of the basis for the co-existence of the over 350 Ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. This call has been made by various segments and zones in the country in recent times. The Afenifere socio-cultural organization of the Yorubas, the South-South Forum, the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly, the Arewa Consultative Forum (when her citizens are not in control of political power), the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the highly respected organization of
The Patriots, many leading stakeholders in the Nigerian project, etc; all these have persistently called for a national Conference to renegotiate the basis of the Nigerian federal Union. As at the time of the 2014 Colloquium, Ndigbo were yet to clearly articulate what they want in the present circumstances, even though they are at the worst receiving-end in the Nigerian Federal project.

The need for the Igbos to put their house in order was strongly highlighted by the late worldrenowned African literary icon, Professor Chinua Achebe in his recent book, There was a Country, A Personal History of Biafra. With the publication of the book, there has been renewed debate world-wide on The Igbo Question in Nigeria, with acute restlessness among the Igbo population over their peripheral status in Nigeria.

While some elders in Igbo–land continue to advocate for the continued membership of the Nigerian Federation, many others particularly the younger generation think otherwise. Under such circumstances, the need for a strategic International Forum of Igbo intelligentsia and patriots, women and youth, both at home and in the Diaspora to collectively identify the historical roots of their predicament, to define what they want in the Nigerian project and to
chart a course for their future both in Nigeria and in the world, becomes very imperative and urgent too.

• Aims and Objectives of the Colloquium
The Colloquium project was driven by the firm conviction that time has come when intellectuals, the clergy and statesmen within Igbo-land should get together and provide the compass for the survival of Ndigbo in the contemporary world. This was the rationale for the proposed International Colloquia on The Igbo Question in Nigeria.

The basic aims and objectives of the Colloquium could, therefore, besummarized as follows :-
• To provide a platform for Igbo intelligentsia, clergy, patriotic leaders, elders, women and youth, at home and in the Diaspora, to commune collectively
over the economic, political and socio-cultural challenges facing the Igbo nation both in Nigeria and in the world today.

• To examine the historical roots of contemporary Igbo predicament over which all and sundry in Igbo-land, youths and elders, men and women, at home and in the Diaspora, keep groaning day after day, month after month, year after year.

• To consider the impact of the Biafra experience on the Igbo nation today, and examine the issues raised by the African literary icon, Chinua Achebe, in his recent world-celebrated book, There was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra (TWAC).

• To examine ways and means of overcoming the contemporary Igbopredicament so that her citizens can live a life of dignity, co-exist and at peace
with their neighbors, capable of protecting their collective and individual interests, apply their God-given talents and endowments for the betterment
of themselves and the entire human race, do honor to the spirit of their ancestors, serve their God without let or hindrance.

• To produce a Blueprint/Charter for the Survival of the Igbo nation in both Nigeria and in the world at large. Such a Blue Print shall articulate not only
what is to be done but how to achieve them.

• Sponsorship
The International Colloquium had the endorsement of the following pan-Igbo organisations : -The Conference of Democratic Scholars (CODES), SouthEast Elders Council, Aka Ikenga, Izu-Umunna, Igbo Studies Association (ISAUSA), World Igbo Congress (WIC), Igbo World Assembly (IWA), Ndigbo Council for National Coordination (NCNC), Ofobuike Intellectual Union, Council for Intellectual Cooperation of Nigeria (COFICON). The
Renaissance Forum TRF-USA and the South-East Peoples Development Association (SEPDA).

• The Formation on ADF
It was at the end of this historic event that the well-over 2,500 participants at the International Colloquium took a decision to form the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) to work relentlessly for the rebirth and survival of the Igbo nation, her people, her culture and civilization.



The recent incident in Germany of an attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu by angry Igbo citizens, who are said to be members of the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) is very unfortunate. While the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) disapproves the incident, we bemoan the grave historical circumstances that have given rise such incident. / We have had occasion in the recent past to advice that we, Ndigbo, must balance passion for our freedom with political realism based on strategic planning in the current struggle for survival.
In the light of the current life-and-death struggle of our people, extreme state of humiliation and provocation – yes, in the light of the brutal occupation and seizure of our ancestral land, destruction of our farm lands and the imminent starvation that stare us in the face, only a man who has no conscience, only heartless men who live for their property, can look the other way while the people are faced with starvation and death.
The recent incident in Germany may be seen as a case of a people overwhelmed by their feelings of what their people are going through in Nigeria and what they consider the failure of those who claim to be their political leaders. But in doing so, they lost rational control of their emotion, they felt that they were living in a democratic environment as against the fascist regime in their land. In their assumption of the free society in which they live and act, they failed to realize that the same society, is under international law and protocol which determine how they judge incidents affecting those with diplomatic status.
And here we are. The German state is in a quandary – between acting in accordance with the dictates of democracy justifies popular descent and the niceties of diplomatic protocol. Their reaction is bound to go either way.

The enemies of our people are going to call for their heads, screaming “Depot them and hand them over to the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Fulani butchers”. But is that the way to go. I ask Umunna. The answer is definitely no. Those who understand the extreme situation that have driven them to the frenzy of being dominated by their passion would wish they are not so treated.
Therefore, we call on our brothers and sisters involved in the German show to acknowledge that they allowed themselves to be overwhelmed by emotion. That is what the lawyers call justified anger, and this may be one such case. Hence, it is our duty not to call for their heads, but ask that justice be tempered with mercy, and first ask our brother, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, to forgive the embarrassment. As a politician, he should know that throwing of eggs and raw tomatoes are part of the common experience of those who go into partisan politics. He should also consider that we non-Parliamentarians are used to watching similar scenes in the Parliament where his colleagues fight, tear each other’s shirts, break mace, etc. The next session they are back cracking jokes with their assailants.

As for IPOB we must continue to caution that passion must be married to strategic reason and experience. They must learn how to express justified anger. They must learn to work with their patriotic elders.
IPOB and other pro-Biafra and Pan-Igbo organizations are important actors in our struggle, and we must ensure they continue to play positive role in our struggle. At least, they are not like the Myetti Allah who defend the murderous Fulani Herdsmen and make no pretenses about their desire to take over our ancestral lands.

This incident raises one nagging limitation in the political life of Ndigbo today. There is a yarning gap between those in political authority and the people; we mean the people in their various organized groups. This is bad for a people under siege as we are at this critical moment inoiur history..
Politicians reach out to the people only during the election period, to offer them peanuts in order to get their votes, After that they run away to Abuja and only come back home again to humour them during certain social events. Like the proverbial ostrich, the politicians pretend that the people are just simpletons. But it they who are  simpletons, who do not appreciate how much the people know, their patience and their power. The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) plans to inaugurate A Quarterly Peoples Parliament to enable the electorate confront those who represent them at various tiers of governance. We hope this will help to close the gap between the people and their leaders.

ADF hopes the organizations close to the people at the grass-root level – the Town Unions (ASETU), the Churches, th World Igbo Congress (WIC) the liberations organizations, Students and the women shall collaborate with us in this venture. By the way, August 22nd remains our day at Owerri Imo State, while August 31st remains another day when we the people shall get together in a SUMMIT, to reflect on the security challenges we face, And pass on the message to our various governments. Our brothers in Europe are calling for a European wing of the SUMMIT.
May God Almighty, And our Ancestors protect us at this perilous period in our history.



An Emergency Consultative Caucus of Concerned Pan-Igbo organizations was convened today June 7, 2019 to deliberate on issues of grave and urgent importance that threaten the peace, development and security situation in Alaigbo and elsewhere in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
After exhaustive discussions, the following decisions were reached-
1. That there is obvious agenda of a bloody islamization and jihad to conquer, occupy, take over and enslave Alaigbo and elsewhere in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
2. That Ndigbo should do everything in their power to defend themselves, their wives, children and their ancestral land.
3. To set up a Joint-Committee of pan-Igbo organizations and to prepare Memorandum to alert Ndigbo in Nigeria and in the Diaspora on the peace, development and security of Alaigbo.
4. Calls on all Stakeholders in Alaigbo including the Governments and Traditional Institutions in Alaigbo to pursue a common agenda in the interest of the survival of Ndigbo.
5. Call on Umuigbo world-wide to liaise with the patriotic pan-Igbo organizations to ensure that all needed resources in Alaigbo support all the patriotic forces engaged in the struggle for Igbo emancipation and security.
6. That Ndigbo should seek possible working relationship with other nationalities to ensure collective defense of their territories from the jihadists.
7. To continue to promote the Akuruo-Ulo movement through the agency of the Town Unions and the various Traders organizations of Ndigbo.
8. To engage in constant consultations and collaborative efforts to promote the peace, security and development of Alaigbo.