Keynote Address
Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF).


Mr. Chairman, Dear brothers and Sisters,
Warm greetings from all of us in our home land!

The World Igbo Congress (WIC) Annual Convention has become an Annual Pilgrimage for Ndigbo, a period of sober glance at the progression of our collective match to Self-determination, Freedom and National Rebirth.

But the 2019 WIC Annual Convention this year is one with a difference. It is taking place under a very grim period, worse than and much more difficult to handle than what we faced during the war of 1967-70. We face the worst threat of total annihilation in our home land. It is no longer just a threat; it is fully in operation. I mean the process of total conquest, wiping out our civilization and our faith is now on- going.

This danger necessitated the urgency of the 2019 IGBO NATIONAL SUMMIT, whose first leg took place in Owerri on August 22nd, 2019. The second leg is taking place during this current WIC Annual Convention and it is envisaged that an European Wing shall take place in the next few months.
Back home, our people have demanded that the Summit should take place in all our State Capitals in order to bring its message to the grass-root.

But what is the message of the 2019 IGBO NATIONAL SUMMIT?
• It is simply a wake-up call for our people to rise up and defend themselves, their land, their women and children, their means of survival and their civilization.
• It is a message that we can defend ourselves and that we must rise up and defend ourselves.
• We must rely on our faith in our God and our ancestors! That heaven helps those who help themselves.
• That Alaigbo has never been conquered. That our history is replete with glorious historical acts of great defiance against foreign invaders.
– That our women did it in 1929 against colonial invasion.
– That our brothers who were taken to West Indies as slaves organized themselves, defeated the Mighty Army of Napoleon Bonaparte and set up the first black Republic in modern history – The REPUBLIC OF HAITTI!
• Above all the message is not an empty declaration but one to be backed up by concrete actions!

What is the special message for the Houston Summit!
• It is a special wake-up call to our brothers and sisters living in the Igbo Diaspora as well as our friends to appreciate the dangers we face and our individual and collective role at this critical period.
• Our situation in Nigeria today is similar to the situation of the Jews in Europe. But it was the Jews in the Diaspora who played a decisive role in galvanizing diplomatic and all necessary material and moral resources that made possible the survival of the nation of Israel, the home land of the Jews.
• We believe that our brothers and sisters living in the Igbo Diaspora can rise up to the occasion and do the same for the survival of our people.
• The coming together of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), Association of Igbo Town Unions (ASETU), World Igbo Congress (WIC), the Christian Association of Nigeria. South-East and other Pan-Igbo and Pro-Biafra organizations including women and youth organizations is very timely It is a crucial historical synergy we must harness for the benefit of our people.
• In this period of great synergy we must endeavor to bring all genuine Pan-Igbo and Pro-Biafra organizations together. As such we must condemn the proscription and declaration of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) organization.
• We should call on our people to rise to urge our Governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo to join in this task of restoring the legality of the IPOB as a legitimate Self-determination organisations. Certainly, we should at the same time urge all organization to observe a good measure of respect for our culture and our institutions including our elders, while we at the same time urge all those who hold political power in the name of our people to put our people first in all they do.
In convoking the 2019 IGBO NATIONAL SUMMIT, the conveners noted that
Since the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria, insecurity has deteriorated across the Country caused by the provocative attacks, insidious decapitations of the populace, in and outside their indigenous rural communities, multiple killings, mutilations, rape, willful destruction of farmlands and humiliating desecration of Churches and Traditional Shrines by ravaging Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen.

A frontline Research and Human Rights Organization- the Inter-society, has reported that the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen are in violent control of over 139 Communities, villages and areas in Alaigbo. The other day the The Myetti Allah Fulani organization said they were inspecting 14 of their settlements in Enugu state.

This emerging scenario has caught the attention of both local and foreign media as well as the entire International Community.

The failure of the Federal Government of Nigeria and all her Security Agencies to decisively deal with the situation and protect the helpless citizens has compelled other Nationalities in the South-west, the South-South and the Middle-Belt regions to summon broad-based Summits to appraise the various forms of insecurity which they face like ourselves, and to consider practical steps to address the present challenges to peace and security in their regions.

Consequently, and in the light of the courageous steps being taken by our neighbors in other parts of the Federation, their citizens and governments have become more inspired to take adequate measures to protect themselves and their territory.
Against this background and in the face of mounting pressures from our People at home and in the Diaspora, Igbo National Global Summit on Peace, Security and Development of Alaigbo and as it affects our neighbors is being urgently convoked to address issues of our collective Security and Survival as a People.

At the Owerri Summit, the participants reviewed he state of anarchy in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as it is today and declared
i. That the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as it exists today, is a phantom political state which has lost all the basic principles of rule of law, justice, equity and humane values; and hence anarchy now prevails in all spheres of the society.

ii. That the Republic has been seized by one ethnic nationality, namely, the minority Fulani who do not hide their intentions to wipe out the indigenous populations and their religions and turn the territory into an Islamic State, as has been arrogantly stated by the Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM). Following the gruesome mass killings of the helpless citizens of Plateau by the Fulani, where some non-Fulani civilians according to FUNAM ‘were justifiable hacked down’. FUNAM issued a Statement in which they declared : –

We have said it over and over, that Nigeria is the only inheritance we have in Africa and anywhere in the world. This land belongs to us, from Sokoto to the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. This was the destiny bestowed on Uthman Dan Fodio which would have been fulfilled since 1816 if not for the obstruction of this great assignment by the British. It is no longer time to play the ostrich. Our men are waiting. We are eager to fight. We are boiling with the zeal to actualize our dream; enough of double dealing and ambivalence by FULANI political leaders who unfortunately think the FULANI can only take back what belongs to us through appeasement and elections destined to reflect cultural values antithetical to the preaching of Uthman Dan Fodio.

iii. The participants in the Summit noted that this declaration is no longer a statement of intentions. The Fulani have fully embarked on their fulfillment. In pursuit of this goal, they have systematically, under their leader General Mohammadu Buhari, seized all the apparatuses of the state – the Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Military and all the Security Forces, the Bureaucracy, the Economy, all machinery of Government including the so-called Independent Electoral Commission, (INEC), the Educational Institutions, all parastatals of the state.

In the light of all these, we should underscore the pivotal importance of Igbos in the Diaspora to participate in this historic 2019 Igbo National Summit. As such a two-phased Summit was planned – a Home-based and a Diaspora-based Summit – to enable the Igbo living in the Diaspora make their decisive input on issues and decisions pertaining to the survival of their Homeland. The Single Agenda Theme of the Home and Diaspora Summit is DEVELOPMENT, PEACE AND SECURITY AND SURVIVAL OF NDIGBO AND THEIR NEIGHBORS.

We have received message from our people in Europe that they want to organize the European wing of the Summit. At home, it has been urged that we should hold it in every state capital in the Igbo-Speaking states.

It is to be noted that the Summit is not envisaged to be a mere conference or a talk shop. Of course. we should review the critical situation in our homeland. But what is most important is that we decide on what is to be done, agree on the role of each and every-one of us and patriotically and practically make our contributions in all possible ways to save ALAIGBO and the entire BIAFRA Territory, our HOMELAND!

Thank you,

Houston, USA.
August 31, 2019