Towards the Rebirth, Development and Security of Alaigbo

On behalf of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), we address this message to you. We do this because ADF holds as sacred and shares the same goal and philosophy with the Town Unions in Alaigbo. And that goal and philosophy is to create the right conditions that would ensure the Rebirth, Development and Security of Alaigbo and making her a significant player in global affairs. While doing this, we have to live at peace with our neighbours, but always bearing in mind that peace and security are inseparable.

Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) was born following the International Colloquium on the Igbo Question in Nigeria held in Enugu on March 11-14, 2014. The colloquium was attended by over 2,500 Igbo sons and daughters and dwelt deeply on key issues that affect the future of Ndiigbo. ADF is made up of intellectuals, elders, clergy, traditional leaders, business leaders, statesmen, public and social spirited people, women and youth.

The objectives of ADF include: to protect and promote Igbo culture and civilization; to work assiduously for the development of Alaigbo to ensure that she becomes a major player in the global system; to encourage research, documentation and social actions on various issues that affect Alaigbo, her social order and her peoples; to defend Igbo security and interest where this is necessary and; to organize periodic fora and social actions in furtherance of the above.

In pursuit of this task, ADF and the Town Unions and other Igbo organizations and governments must join hands in a common crusade to protect our homeland, our ancestral homes, our women and children our resources. Yes indeed we must extend our common crusade to the entire Alaigbo which is our most natural socio-cultural, economic and political entity created by God and not by any occupying force such as the British colonial power or hegemonic military dictatorships of an artificial federation.

As you well know, the motto of ADF is the rebuilding, development and security of Alaigbo and the rebirth and advancement of the spirit of her culture and civilization. This motto derives from a vision anchored on the social, economic and cultural character of Alaigbo from time immemorial. The clearest glimpse we have of this ancient Igboland from the pages of world literature was clearly revealed in the great works of the sage, our iconic brother, Olaudah Equiano, nicknamed Gustavus Vassa, who, as a slave, in the can-do Igbo spirit, repurchased his freedom, through his writings moved the world to take steps against slavery and became one of the most outstanding champions of the anti-slavery movement the world ever knew. Writing from the citadel of the industrial society, namely Great Britain, Equiano remembered with nostalgia his native Igboland from which he was abducted as a child and sold into slavery in 1756. He described our native land, Alaigbo as:

A nation of happy clean people, without unemployment, without prostitution, without drunkards and without beggars.

To this ADF adds,

a nation of courageous fighters and defenders of freedom!

as witnessed during

  • the fierce Igbo resistance against British colonialism at the beginning of the last century.
  • the 1929 Women Resistance against colonialism led by Daa Ikonna Nwanyiukwu Enyia, and other great Igbo amazons,
  • the Durbar Creek episode in St Simons Island Virginia, USA, where courageous Igbo captives preferred to drown than be enslaved.
  • the struggle of the American and West Indian slaves led by Igbo slaves, that defeated the Army of Napoleon Bonaparte and thereby created the first black Republic on Earth, namely the Republic of Haiti, etc.

The revelations of Olaudah Equiano made such impact across the globe that the one-time Secretary-General of the United nations, Mr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, when asked what he would like to do on retirement as Secretary-General of the United Nations said, if he could have his wish, he would like to go and settle in Alaigbo in West Africa, so that he would not live as an unemployed person after retirement. Mr. Ghali, as a diplomat and scholar of the international system was aware that the traditional social system in Alaigbo guarantees economic and social survival of every citizen. This is not only embedded in the family structure and philosophy, it is also embedded in our community structure of administration, our tested Aladinma system of governance that crystalizes in our present Town Unions governance model, which you are now trustees of.

This is why some of us are of the view that anyone who tampers with the traditional structure of our Aladinma and Town Union is waging an invidious war of attrition against the economic and social survival of our people. It is to be regarded in the Catholic parlance as “njo enwe mgbaghalu!” It is a crime against our collective humanity.

How can any man who wishes our people well tamper with a social order that guarantees? –

  • a clean environment, such that every family and every nook and cranny of the community is kept clean, making our households, avenues, and public squares healthy, beautiful and always alluring
  • a family bonding where the physical appearance of our women and children are the pride of their husbands and fathers
  • a happy and festive atmosphere where there are cultural activities and celebrations that elevate the spirit of the people
  • peace and order in the community, where criminals are dealt with in accordance with the community rules, thus bringing crime to almost the zero level
  • a self-operating justice system that amicably and judiciously resolves disputes in accordance with the principle of truth and justice,
  • a sustainable welfare system – from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs – that ensures the weak, the old, the sick are protected and provided for while the hungry is fed
  • economically viable work for everyone, guaranteeing constant income for community members and making unemployment an unknown phenomenon in our clime
  • a society, yes, a real society where greed was crime,

The principles of igwebuike, onyeaghala nwanneya, onuga-otu, etc, are at the heart of the guiding spirit of our people. These principles and others like them combine to lubricate a society where needs were met without noise made about them. For instance, does anyone wonder about where the millions of Ndiigbo displaced by the Boko Harm and herdsmen insurgency in the North are? They were forced to take refuge in their various homes in Alaigbo without any Government sponsored IDP Camps Their relations and communities simply absorbed them, reducing the shock and negative impact such an embarrassment would have brought to the victims. The altruistic Igbo community relations ensures that there is nothing like internally displaced person in Alaigbo, even today, thus resonating Igbo pristine character, as Olaudah put it, of

A nation of happy clean people, without unemployment, without prostitution, without drunkards and without beggars.

This is the dream society whose restoration is mirrored in the ADF motto – rebuilding, development and security of Alaigbo and the rebirth and advancement of the spirit of her culture and civilization.

Our dear fellow citizens and leaders of our communities through our Town Unions, we in ADF believe that the journey towards recreating Alaigbo must begin with the emergence of an intellectual, historical platform that carries aloft the banner of our unity, solidarity, development, security and survival -showing the light and letting our people find the way. At the foundation of this organizational structure and movement is our TOWN UNIONS.

Even from our political history, the seemingly almighty NCNC (National Council of Nigerian Citizens) led by globally acclaimed leadership, dared not impose any candidate to represent the people in any legislature against the wish of the Town Unions, originally called Improvement Unions. No!, the TOWN UNION has always been a major pillar in the foundation of the peoples power.

Unless Town Unions return to the foundation of the management of the socio-cultural, economic and political life of Alaigbo, our survival as a people cannot be assured. To see the town unions regain this power, the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) hereby extends our hand of fellowship and assures our Town Unions our interest in historically partnering with them, together with all other patriotic forces, leadership and governments and organizations in Alaigbo – let us stand together and work for the rebirth, development and survival of our people in the spirit of onuga-otu, igwe bu ike, and onyeaghala nwanneya!

We specially invite our Town Unions,

let us begin the journey now!

Long live Igbo Town Unions

Long live ADF

Long live Alaigbo