i. Board of Trustees
ii. Working Committee
iii. Alaigbo Council
iv. Affiliates
v. Alaigbo Annual Congress
vi. Alaigbo Trust Fund
vii. Standing Committees

Board of Trustees

Composition: – Members of the Board of Trustees as registered


a. Responsible for day-to-day management of the affairs of ADF
b. Proposes agenda for the meetings of the various organs of ADF, however, each organ is free to add and/or modify such an agenda.
c. Supervises the Secretariat and the various Standing Committees.


a. Alaigbo Council is the Supreme organ of the ADF.
b. Responsible for the General Policy of ADF.
c. Election of the Working Committee
d. Financial Control and Approval of Budget
e. Shall meet at least twice a year.


i.. An affiliate must be a pan-Igbo Association known to have been active in the promotion and protection of Igbo interests
ii. Shall be formally registered with ADF.
iii. Shall abide by the ADF Constitution


i.. Shall meet once in a year
ii.. Shall deal with issues put before it by the Council.
iii. Shall determine the modalities for implementing concrete programme of Cultural, Economic and social development of Igbo land.


i. Alaigbo Development Foundation shall establish ALAIGBO TRUST FUND for the purposes of promoting activities pertaining to its basic objectives, namely, protection and advancement of Igbo Culture and Civilization as well as the development of Igbo nation.
ii. ALAIGBO TRUST FUND shall have a Management Board comprising 12 – 15 members of highly respected Igbo citizens of proven integrity and who accept the aims and objectives of Alaigbo Development Foundation.
iii. The Board shall disburse funds for the execution of projects approved by the ALAIGBO COUNCIL
iv. Financial Reports on projects funded by the Trust Fund shall be deposited with Alaigbo Council and the Management Board of the Trust Fund.
v. There shall be annual audit of the Trust Fund and the Auditor’s report shall be forwarded to Alaigbo Council for necessary action.
w. Membership of the Trust Fund shall be for four years renewable for a second and last tenure of four years.


a. Research and Documentation.
b. Finance and Budget.
c. Contact and Mobilization.
d. Publicity and Information
e. Diaspora and International Relations
f. Electoral Committee
g. Projects Committee.
h. Legal Unit
i. Security


i.. These are to be created by the Working Committee as the need arises provided their functions do not clash with the responsibility of any Standing Committee.
ii. An Ad Hoc Committee shall wind up at the expiration of its assignments.


i. Individual Membership
ii. Affiliates
iii. Membership either as an individual or an Affiliate is secured on payment of Membership fee as approved by Alaigbo Council: –
iv. The Committee on Contact and Mobilization Committee shall handle all issues relating to membership of ADF.
v. Expulsion of any member requires Council action by way of two-thirds majority votes of members present and voting.
vi. Every prospective or actual member must make a declaration to abide by the Constitution of ADF, copy of which must be given to him/her and signed for at the point of Registration.