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Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) is a non-governmental organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC at Abuja, Nigeria. It was born following the International Colloquium on the Igbo Question in Nigeria held in Enugu on March 11-14, 2014. ADF is made up of intellectuals, elders, clergy, traditional leaders, business leaders, statesmen, public and social spirited people, women and youths.

Objectives of ADF include:

  • To protect and promote Igbo Culture and CivilizationTo produce a comprehensive Igbo National Charter for the  immediate and long-term Restoration, Renaissance and Development of Igbo-land.
  • To encourage Research, Documentation and Social Actions on various issues that affect Igbo-land, her social   order and her peoples.
  • To organize periodic fora and Social Actions in furtherance of the above.
  • To cooperate with individuals and organizations that share similar objectives, and
  • To publish the results of its engagements.

.ADF Vision and Motto is

The Rebuilding and Development of Igbo Nation and the Rebirth and Advancement of the Spirit of her Culture and Civilization

Landmarks in the History of ADF

  • Strategy Committee set up to examine the raging issues of Igbo Question in Nigeria,
  • Establishment of Administrative Headquarters at Abuja with an Office in Enugu.
  • Establishment of ADF Projects Committees.


ADF has held at least three major activities each year since its official registration in 2014. These include conferences, workshops, public lectures, book presentation, submission of Memoranda to (Igbo delegates at the 2014 National Conference in Abuja, Igbo leaders on paradigm shift in the conduct of Igbo Affairs, the National Assembly on the Grazing Reserve Bill, etc.); Consultative meetings with various sectors of Igbo leaders (including Governors –past and present; Deputy Senate President; traditional and religious leaders etc.) meeting with a delegation of USA Congress on the renewed agitation for Biafra, etc. ADF has taken several newspaper advertorials to publicly state its positions on several national issues, etc.



Program Of Action

ADF, through her committee on Business and Investment, has been spear-heading the Invest-at- Home Movement (IHM), popularly called AKU RUO ULO movement. This concept and movement have been embraced by Governments, Ohanaeze, other Igbo organizations, businessmen clergy, public figures, women and youth throughout Igboland. It strongly captures the pervading spirit of “Think Home!” that has gripped the spirit of Umuigbo globally.

Main Objectives.

  • To promote investment and development in Alaigbo, primarily by Ndigbo  themselves, through the philosophy of self-reliance.
  • To help promote the traditional Igbo spirit of entrepreneurship among Igbo youths.
  • To help stem the tide of unemployment, poverty and insecurity as well as improve the welfare and happiness of the people.
  • To draw parallel with, and inspiration from, the historical examples of Israel, Taiwan, Singapore and even China.
  • To encourage businesses to set up research departments that can partner research institutions and qualify for research grants from sources across the world.
  • In all these, ADF is to help provide useful research evidence and study materials, working in synergy with educational institutions, businesses and Governments in and outside Alaigbo

Achievements And Planned Activities

  •  Held consultative project meetings in Lagos and Abuja with key Igbo business leaders.
  • Organized the first Alaigbo Business Conference at Enugu with key Igbo business leaders in attendance.
  • iii.         Held bilateral, fact finding discussions with some Igbo business leaders in an effort to appreciate the challenges they face and possible mitigating factors.
  • ADF is currently editing, with the hope of eventually publishing, the outcomes of these preliminary business consultations.
  • A Committee, made up mostly of members of the business roundtables planning committee, is now working on promoting the Invest-At-Home-Spirit. The Committee is already holding further consultations and one-on-one discussions with business leaders, informed by lessons and take homes from earlier meetings.
  • On January 4th 2017, ADF honored several Igbo entrepreneurs who have been pathfinders in promoting the spirit of AkuruoUlo, committing huge capital investments which have gone a long way in stemming the tide of unemployment, poverty and crime in Alaigbo.

Further Tasks ahead of the Committee

  • Consultative meetings with Igbo Entrepreneurs and Business leaders in the Six Geopolitical zones of the Country with specific focus on the South West and Northern Nigeria.
  • Invest at Home Conferences and Trade promotion summits
  • Consultative Meetings with Igbo trade groups, Professional groups and Business men in the Diaspora with focus on the USA & Europe
  • Research & Documentation of investment activities and opportunities in Alaigbo
  • Advocacy Meetings with State Governments on creating enabling environment for Investment & Business growth in Alaigbo
  • Advocacy meetings with State Legislators to enact laws and regulations that will promote the invest-at- Home project
  • The staging of the yearly AkuruoUlo insignia awards to recognize and show case the Pathfinders.
  • Training and capacity development for Alaigbo investors
  • Facilitation of Investments and liaison services for investors attracted by our and other efforts.
  • Documentation of our researches, activities , programs and outcomes.
  • Development of investment protection strategies for Igbo investments outside Alaigbo.
  • Regular meetings of the committee and logistics for Committee operations including regular interactions with other stakeholder groups in the Igbo Project.

Budget                                                                                              100,000,00


Igbo Language and Culture PROJECT.

Program Of Action

i.   A committee on the promotion of Igbo language and culture (NdiIzuMakaNhaziAsusun’Omenala Igbo nke ADF) has been set up with the most eminent Igbo linguistic and cultural scholars as members.

ii. The Committee was inaugurated at UNIZIK, Awka on November 6, 2015. Follow up meetings have been held.

iii. The Committee has set up a sub-committee on the translation of major Igbo literatures among which is Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.

iv. The Committee is working, in collaboration with educational institutions, on a Digital Repository of Igbo Culture, History and Contemporary Records.

v   The Committee is also looking into the issue of religious-cultural conflict between the church and tradition in Alaigbo.

Main Objectives

  •  To promote Igbo language and culture and help revive the positive spirit and values of Igbo civilization.
  •  To engender and promote Igbo consciousness among Ndiigbo.
  •  To encourage reading and writing in Igbo language through translation and publication of literature and texts that promote consciousness of Igbo values and history.
  • To examine and advise ADF on best working relationships with relevant institutions in Alaigbo (political, social, economic, traditional, religious, educational, etc.) aimed at tackling and resolving cultural conflicts between tradition and modernity on the one hand and between tradition and organized religion on the other.

Achievements And Planned Activities

While outputs from the committee, mainly by personal efforts, are being awaited, ADF observes that the committee is visibly hampered by lack of funding.
  • Funding this committee is fundamental to ADF achieving its goals.

Budget                                  (N)                                                      30,000,000


National Census PROJECT.

Program of Action

There is an important sense in which it can be said that CENSUS is the pivot around which power struggle in Nigeria revolves. Colonial rulers used it to impose the present imbalance that is rocking Nigeria. It is as potent as military power, if not more potent than military power, because it is very invidious in its impact on who holds hegemony in the affairs of Nigeria.

Within the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you don’t just talk about CENSUS or discuss just CENSUS; the real issue is THE POLITICS OF CESSUS.


Main Objectives

i.          To examine the nature of census politics in Nigeria and show how it affects Ndigbo.

ii.          To follow very closely the program of the NPC for the 2018 census including critical study of the parameters for the enumeration.

iii.         To liaise with Governments in Alaigbo to ensure that Ndiigbo do not lose out in the forthcoming Census through either under-counting or inflation of the census figures or wrong use of parameters.

iv. To help in the necessary mass education and mobilization of the people for the census.

Achievements And Planned Activities

i  The Committee has held several meetings in Abuja, met with and briefed Igbo leaders in Abuja. The Committee is partnering with other organizations to prepare for program of action and enlightenment to mobilize the people and public opinion on the forthcoming census.

ii. Funding is required urgently.

iii. The Committee and ADF Secretariat are compiling some basic historical documents which highlight the politics of Census and could enhance the work of the committee.

Budget                                                                                                          70,000,000


Federal Character PROJECT

Program Of Action

The issue of systematic Igbo marginalization in the institutions and affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria daily assumes the character of planned victimization and repression. The world is oblivious of the extent of this reality. Even most Ndiigbo are not quite aware of the dangerous proportions it is taking in different institutions and spheres of Nigerian national affairs. There is in the Federal Constitution a Federal Character Commission that should address the problems of inequitable participation and power-sharing in the affairs of the Federation.

The major organ of state power such as the military, paramilitary agencies, judiciary, the executive arms of government, foreign service, federal parastatals, allocation of federal resources including aids from international agencies, admission into federal institutions, etc, are skewed against Ndigbo and some other minorities

Main Objectives

  • To document the extent of Igbo participation or exclusion in the institutions and affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • To examine the present structure of the Federation and show the extent to which it accords with the principles and structure s of a true Federal System.
  • To provide data on the composition terms of nationality of such institutions as –  The Council of State, the Security Council, the Defense Council, the Federal Executive Council, Aso Rock, The Legislature, the Judiciary, the Military and all Security and paramilitary agencies, the NNPC, Federal parastatals,  control and ownership of oil blocks, etc.
  • To examine the extent to which The Federal Character Commission is fulfilling its mandate.


Achievements And Planned Activities

i.          The ADF Secretariat and the committee are already collecting relevant basic data on this.

ii.          ADF has in her Federal Character Folder, detailed study done by the Department of International Development University of Oxford with the caption Institutionalising ethnic representation: How effective is the Federal Character Commission in Nigeria?

iii.      The committee is collating a comprehensive data on Federal character in the various Federal  establishments which is to be published by ADF for public consumption and action

iv        Under the auspices of the Committee, ADF is to organize a National Conference on Ndigbo and the Federal Character of the Nigerian State.



Self-Reliance and Self-Determination PROJECT.


The Elders Consultative Forum of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) at its inaugural meeting on February 27, 2015, decided that ADF should set up a Committee on Self-reliance and Self-determination to examine all issues of Self-Reliance and Self-determination as have been canvassed by several nationalities in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Elders Consultative Forum took special recognition of the fact that these principles have progressively led to a high level of regional integration and cooperation in the Northern and Western zones of the Federation. The impact of these in speeding up development in these areas is not in doubt.

ADF, has in a recent letter to Ndigbo, their Leaders and Governments, enjoined the governments in Alaigbo to make bold and take advantages of the opportunities open to them in a genuine Federation. These include internal autonomy and freedom to establish political, economic and cultural ties and linkages with other parts of the world in order to enhance the development of Alaigbo.

The recent tour of State Governments of the Northern zone to the Arab countries to promote political, economic and cultural ties is to be understood in this context. Such initiative should be emulated rather than condemned. However, whether anyone condemns their action or not will not deter them from exercising their freedom and autonomy to seek external relationships and cooperation with the rest of the world. Other zones should emulate them rather than masturbate over the debate on the abstract principles of True Federalism. What the Northern Governors have done in the visit is True Federalism in practice!


The Committee is to propose the modalities which ADF can canvass among Ndigbo to guarantee their fundamental right to self-protection and self-determination

i. To examine the background to the perennial demand by different nationalities in the Federal Republic if Nigeria for self-determination.

ii. To provide a documentation of such demands

iii. To document national and international laws and protocols for self-determination.

iv. To provide case studies of the solution of international questions relating to self-determination.

v. To examine the rationale for the Igbo demand for self-determination and how this can be legally and constitutionally achieved.

vi. To examine all the issues relating to the quest for self-determination and self-reliance, and ensure that Ndiigbo and ADF are properly guided in pursuing the objective.



            Committee on Political Accountability.



Program of Action

This committee works with other Non- governmental agencies to hold ourselves and our political leaders accountable to our People.


  • To discourage all political behavior that is inimical to the rebuilding and development of Alaigbo.
  • To raise support for all political office holders who are mal-treated for working for the good of Ndigbo.

BUDGET                                                                                              75,000,000


International & DIASPORA AFFAIRS

Program of Action

This Committee was set up to coordinate our strategic relationships with other Nigerian ethnic Nationalities and international entities to forge partnerships that will protect Igbo interest within and outside Nigeria

This Committee is being driven by eminent Igbo sons and daughters including ambassadors and international figures. They are charged with helping to reposition Ndigbo to make them effective players in global affairs


Budget                                                                                                          75,000,000


ADF Trust Fund

Program Of Action

ADF needs a strong financial resources and base to effectively carry out its mission which has become very imperative at this juncture in the history of the Igbo nation.

ADF Trust Fund is one of the constitutional organs of ADF, whose composition and modalities are provided for in Article 10 of her Constitution.

Aims And Objectives

  • The ADF TRUST FUND is established for purposes of funding ADF activities pertaining to its basic objectives, namely, protection and advancement of Igbo Culture and Civilization as well as the development of Igbo nation.
  • ALAIGBO TRUST FUND has a Management Board comprising 12 – 15 members of highly respected Igbo citizens of proven integrity and who accept the aims and objectives of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF).
  • The Board is to disburse the funds of the ADF Trust Fund for purposes of the running of ADF and executing projects approved by the ADF Council or the working Committee as the case may be.
  • The Management Board shall appoints signatories for the Account  and authorizes all withdrawals from the Trust Fund.
  • Financial Reports on projects funded by the Trust Fund shall be deposited with ADF Council and the Management Board of the Trust Fund.

The Trust Fund was formally launched at Awka on January 4th 2017 together with the inauguration of the Funds Management Board

Budget                                                                                                          1,000,000,000



Program Of Action

The systematic accumulation, classification and preservation of historical, cultural and political records are a prerequisite for reinforcing and continuing the social, political and territorial cohesion of Igboland. To date, there are very few credible attempts to collate, present and disseminate Igbo historical and cultural records with a commitment and solid arrangements for their long term preservation. The preponderance of oral tradition in Igboland masks this huge void and has continued to thwart efforts at establishing an “official record” of Igbo life. Given that the documents and people of the 20th Century are fast passing into history, and many of these documents are scattered amongst private homes in conditions that are utterly inimical to their survival, the task of beginning a conscious effort to track down these people, documents and artefacts is a most urgent obligation. The intention is to build a Digital Repository of Igbo Culture, History and Contemporary Records

Main Objectives

  • Identifying, acquiring, copying, preserving, and providing access to Igbo cultural artefacts, historical material, published material and note-worthy contemporary records.
  • Promoting ease and equity of access to the above records and materials.
  • Promoting intellectual freedom, education and continuous learning and research.
  • Establishment as a memory institution for Igbo history, culture and society. v. Identifying, appraising, preserving, and making available records and documents of long-term.
  • Ensuring the accountability of governments at all levels by preserving public records and making them available to the citizenry as is legally and ethically appropriate.
  • Ensuring the accountability of nongovernmental institutions to their stakeholders, boards, funders and other constituents

Budget                                                                                                                      100,000,000


Program Of Action

This Committee engages in research, documentation and publication of vital historical, economic, political and social information essential for the education and enlightenment of our people (young and old) on their heritage, culture, human and socio-cultural resources. This is essential for defining correctly and concretely the identity of Ndigbo and their place in the scheme of things in Nigeria, Africa and the world. Such research, Education and Enlightenment of Ndigbo on their history and ancestry as well as events as they unfold in Nigeria and the outside world is essential for the restoration and building of self-esteem and self-confidence in our children. Knowledge, it is said is power. The degree of ignorance shown by the average Igbo child of their history and historical icons is quite astonishing. The Committee is to do all that is possible to encourage educational authorities and institutions in Alaigbo to restore the teaching of history in their curriculum.

Aims And Objectives

 i. To conduct research on the social and political history of Ndigbo from pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial times.

ii. To produce short pamphlets on the different relevant issues for mass distribution

iii. To liaise with educational authorities and institutions in Alaigbo for the restoration of the teaching of History in school

iv  To organize periodic public lectures, seminars and conferences towards the realization of the objectives of ADF for this Committee



 Igbo National Charter PROJECT.

PROGRAM OF ACTION : One major impetus for the 2014  International Colloquium project is to meet the historical challenge of rebuilding the Igbo nation and providing the people with a clearer vision of their place both in Nigeria and the world at large. It is in this context that the idea of Igbo National Charter becomes the focal issue.  Such a Charter is meant to be an embodiment of this vision, aspirations and values as well as a program of action.

Aims And Objectives

i.. ADF is to set up sub-committees that would produce a draft of the Charter.

ii.. To liaise with all Pan-Igbo organizations including Ohanaeze to see to the final articulation and determination of such a Charter.

iii.. The Igbo National Charter is to be launched both in Nigeria and Abroad.



Sub-Committees have been set up and were inaugurated in May 2016, during the First Anniversary of ADF.

Budget                                                                                     50,000,000


Publications & Research

Program Of Action

ADF engages in series of publications as a means of publicizing the results of her researches, positions on various issues, communicating with the people,

The Committee on Education and Public Enlightenment and the Secretariat are to coordinate the publication and distribution of ADF materials.

Budget                                                                                              50,000,000



Program of Action

ADF Annual Lecture Series is established as a Constitutional organ of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) . It is to be established in the name of a person or historical event as approved by the ADF Council.

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of ADF Annual Lecture Series is to promote public enlightenment and education on issues that advance the Rebuilding and Development of Alaigbo and the Advancement of the Spirit of her Culture and Civilization. The Annual Lecture Series aims specifically at –

  • Promoting the corporate unity and solidarity of Alaigbo;
  • Rebuilding and development of Alaigbo and advancement of the spirit of her culture and civilization;
  • Promoting self-awareness of Ndigbo about the critical issues of the day and of their history which affect their survival as a people and how to meet such challenges;
  • Promoting the inherent spirit of self-reliance and self-determination of Alaigbo;
  • Enhancing the capacity of Alaigbo to be a major player in national and global affairs, etc;
  • Enhancing the spirit of good neighborliness between Ndigbo and their neighbors in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

Instituting An Annual Lecture

  • There shall be a Council appointed Committee responsible for the nomination and proposal of any Annual Lecture and the person or historical event in whose name and honour the Annual Lecture is to be established. Their recommendations shall be forwarded to ADF Council for approval.
  • If it is named after a person it must be in consideration of the historical role and place of such an individual in the advancement of the rebirth and development of Alaigbo and the advancement of the spirit of her culture and civilization.
  • Thus any Igbo citizen who has played pivotal roles in the course of the evolution of Alaigbo as a major nationality and in the course of meeting the myriads of socio-political and development challenges Ndigbo face in the nation and in the world.
  • An Annual Lecture may be specific to a major area of Igbo national concern such as History, Development, Igbo National Integration, Biafra, Self-determination, etc.
  • In the same breath, any Historical Event that has become a major land-mark in the history of Alaigbo shall be so recognized and honored both in the institution of an Annual Lecture and in the choice of topics for an Annual Lecture.

Funding of an Annual Lecture

  • In the case of a person who is alive at the time the Annual Lecture is instituted in his name and honour, such a person or hi/her Estate is expected to fund the particular Annual Lecture named after him through an Endowment.
  • The amount of the Endowment is expected to make it possible for an Annual Lecture to be organized on the basis of the interest generated by the Endowment.
  • The Money so endowed shall be domiciled in the ADF Trust Fund Bank Account and managed by the Board of the Trust Fund in accordance with its terms of reference.

 Organization of the Annual Lecture Series.

The ADF Committee on Education and Public Enlightenment shall be responsible for the organisation of the Annual Lecture. The responsibilities of the Committee shall include

  • Proposal for the Topic, Speaker and determination of honorarium, Date, Venue and budget for the Lecture to be approved by the ADF Working Committee.
  • The budget so approved shall be communicated to the Management Board of the ADF Trust Fund for release of fund.
  • At the end of each Annual Lecture, the Committee on Education and Public Enlightenment shall render an account to the Working Committee for onward transmission to the Management Board of the ADF Trust Fund.
  • The ADF Committee on Education and Public Enlightenment shall endeavor to liaise with any Institution of Higher Education in Alaigbo for the hosting of any Annual Lecture

Budget                                                                                                    100,000,000


The Budgetary provision is in lieu of Annual Lectures not funded by an person or institution.


 Social Media and On-line Newspaper

Program Of Action

This is crucial for the effective functioning of ADF, especially in maintaining effective communication with the public on ADF activities and position.

A Social Media/IT officer is to be employed for this purpose. He shall work very closely with ADF Publicity Bureau, the Secretariat and other affiliates of ADF.

Budget                                                                                     5,000,000


Igbo Data Base.

Program Of Action: There is need for an easily accessible data on the human resources of Ndiigbo within Alaigbo, the Nigerian federation and globally. Such data should contain relevant information on the location, education and other professional data about Igbo citizens globally.

Aims And Objectives

To create a global bio-data of Igbo Human Resource both at home and in the diaspora for effective reach and communication to advance the cause of national rebirth, development and global presence.


Work in progress at the ADF Secretariat

Budget                                                                                              5,000,000


ADF Secretariat

A functional Secretariat is the life-wire of ADF. Therefore, a complement of the listed Secretariat Staff is very basic. At the moment ADF maintains its main Secretariat in Abuja with a Supportive Secretariat in Enugu. The Council has decided to locate the Headquarters of ADF in Enugu as soon as resources permit.

Admin. Officer

Research Officer

Social Media/IT officer



Office Assistant



TOTAL `                                                                           N2,100,000,000


PROF. T. UZODINMA NWALA                    

ADF President


ADF Secretary                                   


ADF Vice President


Publicity Secretary


Chairman, BoT


Vice Chairman, BoT


Business Conference



official lunching



The Inaugural Conference of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF)

takes place at Igbozurumee Unity Center, near the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Emene Enugu

on January 8th – 9th, 2015.


The Broad Theme of the Inaugural Conference is

IGBO NATION: History and the Challenges of Rebirth and Development


This also is the Title of the Book to be unveiled during the occasion.


Highlights of the two-day event includes

  1. Two (2) Inaugural Lectures to be delivered by a former Minister and an international diplomat, Dr Kalu Idika Kalu and Prince Emeka Onyesoh, a renowned Igbo historian and social commentator.
  2. Book Review and Presentation. The review of the 2-volume publication of the International Colloquium will be done by Mazi Sam I. Ohuabunwa, OFR. The book shall be presented by some patriotic Igbo leaders, intellectuals , Clergy, Public figures, businessmen, etc..
  3. Workshop on Igbo National Charter. The Workshop comes up on the second day and shall kick-start the process of generating Igbo National Charter. About 12 different Committees for the 12 themes have been set up’. Other participants shall be free to join any of the Committees during their three-hour deliberations.

Just like the International Colloquium on the Igbo Question which took place in March this year, the Inaugural Conference is a global event involving Igbo sons and daughters at home and abroad, in search of The Way Forward in meeting the Challenges of the Rebirth and Development of Igbo Nation. It shall bring together about sixty-six (66) authors of the historic publication, who were also resource persons during the Colloquium’

A Planning Committee comprising eminent Igbo patriots has been set up to actualize the project. It is headed by His Lordship, Bishop Obi Udemezue Onubogu, the former ADC of General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu with Dr Jerry Chukwuokolo as Secretary.


  PROFESSOR  T. UZODINMA NWALA                                                 DR DOZIE IKEDIFE (OON)

President, ADF                                                           Chairman. ADF Board of Trustees



PROFESSOR NATH ANIEKWU                                                     ELDER DR KALU UKE KALU  (OON)

                                Secretary,                                                                                      Vice Chairman, BOT                                                            



At the Joint meeting of ADF Board of Trustees and the Working Committee, the following decisions were taken after reviewing report from the Secretariat:-

1. Launching of ALAIGBO DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF) was fixed for Thursday, January 8th, 2015. Venue is the same place where the International Colloquium was held, namely IGBOZURUMEE UNITY CENTER at Emene, Enugu near the Akanu Ibiam International Airport.

2. The Public presentation of the 2-volume publication of the Colloquium papers shall take place on the same day. The title of the publication is:-

               IGBO NATION:  History, Challenges of Rebirth and Development


3. A Planning Committee was set up to organize the event, with a member of the Board of Trustees, His Lordship, Bishop Obi Udemezue Onubogu, as Chairman and Dr Jerry Chukwuokolo, the Financial Secretary as Secretary of the Planning Committee.

4. Further details shall be communicated by the Publicity Secretary.

Full Report of the deliberations of the Joint Meeting shall be forwarded to members by the Secretariat.





                                PRESS STATEMENT                     September 24, 2014


 At the Joint meeting of ADF Board of Trustees and the Working Committee, the following decisions were taken after reviewing report from the Secretariat:-

1. Launching of ALAIGBO DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF) was fixed for Thursday, January 8th, 2015. Venue is the same place where the International Colloquium was held, namely IGBOZURUMEE UNITY CENTER at Emene, Enugu near the Akanu Ibiam International Airport.

2. The Public presentation of the 2-volume publication of the Colloquium papers shall take place on the same day. The title of the publication is:-

                                                  IGBO NATION:

                        History, Challenges of Rebirth and Development

 3. A Planning Committee was set up to organize the event, with a member of the Board of Trustees, His Lordship, Bishop Obi Udemezue Onubogu, as Chairman and Dr Jerry Chukwuokolo, the Financial Secretary as Secretary of the Planning Committee.

 4. Further details shall be communicated by the Publicity Secretary.

 Full Report of the deliberations of the Joint Meeting shall be forwarded to members by the Secretariat.