ADF Committee on Igbo Language And Culture Project.

The Working Committee has set up a Committee on ADF Igbo Language and Culture Project with the following members and the accompanying terms of reference.

  1. Prof Pita Ejiofor, President of Otu Subakwa Igbo Nigeria, former Vice Chancellor, Nnamdi Azikiwe – Chairman
  1. Nolue Emenanjo, FNLA, former Executive Director of the National institute for Nigerian Languages, and a retired Professor of Linguistics, University of Port Harcourt as Adviser to the Committee
  1. Professor Elochukwu Amucheazi, ADF Vice President, former Chairman, Anambra State University and Chairman of the Society for the Promotion of Igbo language and Culture – Member.
  1. Professor Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche, ADF Treasurer, Retired Professor of Lingustics and Languahe Education, University of Lagos and President, Linguistic Association of Nigeria -Executive Secretary of the Committee.
  1. Professor Bertram Okolo, Department of Linguistics University of Benin – Member.
  2. Dr Jerry Chukwuokolo, ADF Financial Secretary,  Senior Lecturer, Ebonyi State University – Member
  1. Felix Oti Senior Partner with Oti and Associates, member, American Economics Association – Member
  1. Dr (Mrs) Nwaeze C. Ugwuona, Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, Igbo and Nigerian Languages, Member.
  1. Mr Shadrach Okafor 08060789317
  1. Mr Uzo Anyaso, ADF Adm Officer – Member.
  1. Mazi Obi Okoli
  1. Mr Lawrence Okolo

          Terms of Reference

  1. To identify issues that affect the preservation and development of Igbo language and Culture in keeping with the aims and objectives of ADF and advise ADF according
  2. To identify any existing Igbo organizations involved in the promotion of Igbo language and Culture and propose measures for collaboration with ADF.
  3. To examine all issues connected with ADF project of having a high quality translation of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (TFA) translated into Igbo language as a way of promoting the rebirth and advancement of Igbo Culture and Civilization, in keeping with ADF mandate.
  4. To decide whether to collaborate with any author or publisher of any existing translation or embark on a new translation entirely, as to produce an ADF Edition of TFA. ADF is very much concerned about the quality of any translation associated with its name
  5. To see to the production of any approved translation in consultation with any authors or publishers where the need arises.
  6. To help promote the production and circulation of affordable editions of popular texts in Igbo language literature and explore ways of introducing such relevant text into the primary and secondary school curriculum.
  7. To propose measures for collaboration with agencies and governments in the promotion of Igbo Language and Culture.
  8. To co-opt any persons who may be helpful in the discharge of the work of the Committee.
  9. To report to ADF Working Committee from time to time.


          Prof. T. Uzodinma Nwala                      Prof. Nath. Aniekwu
               ADF President                                   ADF Secretary