The Association of South East Town Unions, ASETU has received the news of the attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu, the former Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a notable Igbo son, by members of IPOB in far away Germany, an incident that was confirmed by the Senator’s Chief Press Secretary.
ASETU views this incident as a sad development, coming from a people of Igbo extraction to one of their supposedly foremost political leaders.
The Igbo Town Unions which ÀSETU represents, being the father to both the attackers and the attacked hereby call for a halt to such ugly incidents and washing of our dirty linens in public as such would portray us as a people lacking in cohesion in the face a more bigger and worrisome challenges of survival, slavery, land seizure and islamisation surreptitiously being executed step by step through kidnapping, rape, destruction and murder of our innocent and unarmed Igbo indigens.
We therefore call our people, particularly, the youths to remain alert and focused, and not to dissipate their energies on frivolities but remember that there is a greater assignment ahead to which their ingenuity would be called for manifestation. In-house fighting and bickering Will do us no good.
However, our political leaders both past and present should do some stock taking and rate themselves on their service performance to our tribe as Igbos have become wiser now to those working for their interest and those working in concert with their enemies. Igbo leaders elected or appointed on Igbo platform should serve the Igbo interest and not sit on the fence or look the other way when their people are being pushed to the wall and facing possible extinction from their God given land.
We subscribe to the commentaries of notable Nigerians that the attack in Germany on the former Senate President should be an eye opener not only to Igbo leaders but to the entire Southern leaders. For us in ASETU, such commentaries from notable figures as Chief Femi FANI-KAYODE is a wake up call to our leaders who are pretentious and unashamedly silent on the height of security and survival challenges facing our people. A stitch in time saves nine.

(Nat. President)

(Nat. Secretary)

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