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The book captioned THE NIGERIAN JANUARY 1966 COUP; MYTHS AND REALITIES is a product of almost two years of research. The purpose of the book is to help dissolve the myths and lies spun out of the January 1966 Coup, describing that Coup as ‘Igbo Coup’. Thus, even in a recent obituary prepared by the Nigerian military in memory of the late General John Shagaya, the Nigerian Army went further to describe the January 15, 1966 Coup as “Ironsi Coup”. What a great disservice by an Army to their former Commander-in-Chief who, the world knows, risked his life to abort that January 15, 1966 Coup, which was staged by junior army officers and who subsequently lost his life as a result of that Coup.

Before ADF commissioned the research in and through which this book was produced, a letter was first written to General Yakubu Gowon. the Nigerian war-time leader, to tell the world the truth of those events – the January 1966 Coup and the subsequent incursion of Biafra troops into the Midwest.

We urged him to speak out as the man who was General Aguiyi Ironsi’s Second-in-Command as well as the man who took over from him after his assassination and who was privy to the Reports produced by various investigation panels set up by the Military Regime under his watch.

When General Gowon failed to respond, ADF considered it a great historical responsibility to carry out a dispassionate study, uncovering the facts, laying blame where blame lies and making sure the memory of the innocent are preserved.

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