ADF Proposal To Ndigbo and Ohanaeze

A  More Realistic Text for Declaration as Igbo Position.

THE IGBO POSITION On the Future of Alaigbo & The Future of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

1. We speak on behalf of Alaigbo: The Igbo-Speaking Peoples in Nigeria and elsewhere in the World, particularly those in the main Igboland, Anioma and Ikwerre and any other areas. 2. We are a Nation, a land of free peoples and any Union with any other nation must be based on free choice, namely, on the hallowed principle of Self-determination. 3.  We did not become part of the Federal Republic of Nigeria initially out of choice, but by force, due to the determination of a foreign power that led to the Amalgamation of 1914. 4. After 104 years, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has not stabilized as a country and as a union of free peoples; several political conferences to determine the best form of union that will guarantee peaceful, just, progressive and stable nation, a union of free peoples; has not worked; rather it is now a Golgotha, a place where human lives (especially the lives of Igbos and Christians) are daily wasted. 5. Therefore, time has come when the Igbo race in Nigeria has to make the ultimate decision, namely, to be or not to be, that is to say decide whether – i. To remain as part of a Federal Union of free peoples or to remain as slaves in Nigeria.  ii. To remain as slaves in Nigeria or to Reject slavery and opt out and establish our own Independent Republic -The Republic of Alaigbo, or whatever name we may freely chose to call our independent Republic. 6. As a nation of free peoples, we declare on behalf of our people: –

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