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  • Ollie Bye green check mark icon

    Maps, History, Animated

    Ollie creates animations on the histories of countries, wars and other topics of historical interest from all...

  • USAFacts green check mark icon

    USA, Government, Society

    USAFacts provides a data-driven portrait of the American population, US governments’ finances, and governments’ impact on society....

  • StatsPanda green check mark icon

    Finance, Business, Politics

    StatsPanda was made to satisfy a curiosity to learn more about the world while creating content that...

  • ExpressVPN green check mark icon

    Digital Safety, Privacy, Digital Freedom

    Since 2009, ExpressVPN has empowered millions of users to take control of their internet experience. The company's...

  • Vipul Sharma green check mark icon

    Companies, Economy, Trade

    Hello! I'm 20-year-old full-time equity trader, and run an Instagram page (Mastermind Investor) based around my interest...

  • Muhammad Azhar green check mark icon

    Healthcare, Technology, Maps

    I'm a BI consultant passionate about creating insightful and engaging data visualizations. I hold a BS in...

  • Milan Janosov green check mark icon

    Network Science, Data Visualization, Geospatial Data

    Milan Janosov is a seasoned data scientist with a background in Physics and a Ph.D. in Network...

  • Staffan Landin green check mark icon

    Development, Democracy, Equity

    Staffan is a freelance writer and public speaker on Human Development and the importance of a fact-based...

  • Trendline green check mark icon

    Technology, Business, Markets

    Trendline is a weekly newsletter providing insights on technology businesses through data rich visuals and charts. We...

  • Edit Gyenge green check mark icon

    Data Democratization, Social Dynamics, Data-driven Change

    Edit is a talented information designer and entrepreneur with a passion for creating visually engaging and meaningful...

  • Arijit Gupta green check mark icon

    Technology, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences

    Hey there, I am a Data Engineer by profession and an Information Designer by hobby. My fields...

  • Pranav Gavali green check mark icon

    Data Analytics, Business, Technology

    Pranav is a Freelance Data Analyst, a recent graduate with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a...

  • Louis Lugas Wicaksono green check mark icon

    graphic, data visualization

    I am a graphic director at, an Indonesian media outlet that makes interactive reports. I've done...

  • Terence Teo green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Maps

    Terence is an associate professor of political economy at Seton Hall University, where he teaches comparative politics,...

  • theWORLDMAPS green check mark icon

    Maps, Geography

    theWORLDMAPS is a source of information presented in visually appealing form. I publish various maps and charts,...

  • MetalytIQ green check mark icon

    finance, technology, data

    MetalytIQ offers unparalleled expertise in data visualization and analytics to help you uncover the valuable insights hidden...

  • Shehryar (Shay) Saharan green check mark icon

    information visualization, science

    Shehryar (Shay) Saharan is a Toronto-based scientific visualizer & designer. As founder of the award-winning ss design...

  • Richie Lionell green check mark icon

    Storytelling, Data Humanism, Data Visualization

    Richie Lionell is the founder of Bezalel Data, a data storytelling company based out of India. He...

  • Ehsan Soltani green check mark icon

    Economy, Trade, Markets

    I am a seasoned expert on the economies of the Middle East and the world. The unique...

  • Sam Parker green check mark icon

    Art, Media, Finance

    Sam is a designer and artist hailing from Vancouver, BC in Canada. He graduated from Emily Carr...

  • Bhabna Banerjee green check mark icon

    Climate, Environment, Social Issues

    Bhabna is a data journalist and illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. She holds a BFA in Film...

  • Preyash Shah green check mark icon

    Technology, Business, Maps

    I was always fascinated by the power of visualizations that bring out impactful stories from data. This...

  • Surfshark green check mark icon

    Cybersecurity, Digital privacy, Digital quality of life

    At Surfshark, we have a whole research team dedicated to data-driven investigations into digital well-being, privacy, cyber...

  • Julie R. Peasley green check mark icon

    airlines, aviation, mathematics

    Julie is a graphic designer and digital illustrator with a particular interest in mathematics, aviation, and physics....

  • Vanarama green check mark icon

    leasing, electric vehicles, cars

    Vanarama is one of the UK’s leading online vehicle leasing companies established by CEO Andy Alderson in...

  • Kaj Tallungs green check mark icon

    Demographics, Energy, Electricity

    Kaj is a recent graduate from the Stockholm School of Economics and creates animated population pyramids.

  • Stephanie Cristea green check mark icon

    Statistician & Cognitive Scientist

    Stephanie is a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Toronto, whose interest lies in finding the story...

  • Elaine Siu green check mark icon

    Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Viz

    Elaine of Slalom enjoys using data to uncover insights. She has over 10 years of experience working...

  • Jan Varsava green check mark icon

    web development, machine learning, data visualization

    I create innovative ways of presenting and interacting with data on the web. My data visualizations have...

  • Preethi Lodha green check mark icon

    Current Events, Data Visualization, Analytics

    Preethi is a Data Analytics and Insights manager who holds a Masters in Computer Science. She believes...

  • Sjoerd Tilmans green check mark icon

    Animation, Economy, Technology

    Sjoerd has been telling stories with data for several years as Pie Chart Pirate on social media,...

  • Truman Du green check mark icon

    Investing, finance, business

    I enjoy turning complex data into simple visuals, and have a particular interest in simplifying investing and...

  • Jonathan Letourneau green check mark icon

    Systems thinking, Data-informed design, UX

    Jonathan Letourneau, MDes is a design strategist and consultant for early stage innovators. Drawing on UX design...

  • Anne-Lise Paris green check mark icon

    Biology, Chemistry, Science

    I am a Scientific Graphic Designer who holds a PhD in Biology. Convinced that science is an...

  • David Cole-Hamilton green check mark icon

    Elements, scarcity, periodic table,

    Following degrees (BSc and PhD) at Edinburgh University, David Cole-Hamilton worked with Nobel Laureate Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson...

  • Gilbert Fontana green check mark icon

    Economics, Development, Demography

    Gilbert is a data analyst with a passion for information design and data visualization. He holds a...

  • Pratap Vardhan green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Maps, India

    Pratap is a data scientist and visual storyteller and founder of Stats of India, which is helping...

  • Kashish Rastogi green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Tableau, Data Science

    I'm a Data Visualization enthusiast with knowledge and practice in Machine Learning. I believe in leveraging data...

  • Georgios Karamanis green check mark icon

    Data Visualization

    Freelance data visualization designer, psychiatrist and researcher based in Uppsala, Sweden.

  • NeoMam Studios green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Maps, World Studies

    NeoMam Studios is a creative studio based in the UK on a mission to create digital content...

  • Adam Symington (PythonMaps) green check mark icon

    Data, Data Visualisation, Cartopgraphy

    I am a geospatial data scientist, leading the data science team at Geollect Ltd. and running the...

  • Sebastian Gräff green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Geopolitics

    I'm a student, currently living in Germany but with roots in South Africa and the UK. My...

  • Woodwell Climate Research Center green check mark icon


    Woodwell Climate Research Center advances scientific discovery and solutions to address the world’s climate challenges. Our world-leading...

  • Chimdi Nwosu green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Tableau, Design

    Chimdi is a data visualization manager and Tableau Public Ambassador that believes in leveraging data and design...

  • Enrique Mendoza green check mark icon

    Social justice, Environment, Science & Technology

    Enrique Mendoza is a passionate about data visualization and information design that helps data professionals and business...

  • Pablo Alvarez green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Data Design, Information Design

    I'm a learning and data designer with an interest in communicating insights from data using narratives and...

  • Elbie Bentley green check mark icon

    Maps, History, Geography

    Elbie Bentley is cartographer and academic geographer based in Istanbul, Turkey. The primary focus of her research...

  • Jono Hey green check mark icon

    World, Sketches, General

    Jono is the creator of Sketchplanations, on a mission to put the wisdom of the world into...

  • Ruben Berge Mathisen green check mark icon

    Economic inequality, Arms flows, Democracy

    I am a political scientist working at the University of Bergen, Norway. My research focuses on the...

  • Victor Dépré green check mark icon

    Data Visualization, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence

    Victor is a data analyst who loves creating impactful and great looking visualizations. After studying advanced mathematics...

  • Latinometrics green check mark icon

    Latin America, Trends

    Our purpose is to help Latin America and its decision-makers (entrepreneurs, investors, economists, policymakers, business leaders) make...

  • Zainab Ayodimeji green check mark icon

    Data visualization, Analysis, Dashboard

    Zainab is a data scientist with an affinity for data visualisation and a two time Tableau Public...

  • Ivett Kovács green check mark icon

    data visualization

    Ivett is a data visualization developer and designer (Tableau Zen Master and Public Ambassador) who teaches data...

  • Neil Richards green check mark icon

    Geometric, Unconventional, Design Driven

    Neil is a four time Tableau Visionary (formerly known as Zen Master), a data visualisation hobbyist, blogger,...

  • Athul Alexander green check mark icon

    Current Events

    Athul is a digital designer specializing in infographics and motion designing. Hailing from Kerala, India, Athul came...

  • Alasdair Rae green check mark icon

    Maps and Geography

    Alasdair is an internationally recognized mapmaker, data analyst, author and visual storyteller. Formerly a Professor of Urban...

  • Christina Kostandi green check mark icon

    data visualization, data science, interactive

    Christina is a data visualization specialist helping to create interactive data experiences at Visual Capitalist. She holds...

  • Mark Belan green check mark icon

    data visualization, astrobiology, geochemistry

    Mark is a scientific graphics journalist and visual communicator, working at the intersection of art and science...

  • Chit Chart green check mark icon


    From the bottom of the ocean to outer space, our world is full of data. Which are...

  • Eleonora Nazander green check mark icon

    Behavioural Economics

    Eleonora is an Advanced Analytics professional and management consultant who loves creating business insights from data.

  • Giulia De Amicis green check mark icon

    Environment, Ecology, Geography

    Since graduating in 2012, Giulia has been working at multidisciplinary projects as a designer and illustrator, both...

  • Pablo Carlos Budassi green check mark icon

    Universe, Time, Illustration

    Pablo is from Mendoza, Argentina and is on a quest to understand the great mysteries of the...

  • Eleanor Lutz green check mark icon

    Biology, Science, Illustration

    Eleanor is a designer specializing in data and science visualization. She holds a PhD in biology from...

  • James O’Donoghue green check mark icon

    Planetary and Atmospheric Science

    James is a planetary scientist with the Japanese space agency (JAXA) based just outside of Tokyo. He...

  • Anders Sundell green check mark icon

    Political Representation, Public Opinion and Policy

    Anders holds a PhD in political science from University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where he is an associate...

  • Our World in Data green check mark icon

    Data, Information

    Our World in Data is a small team dedicated to making the knowledge on the world's big...

  • James Eagle green check mark icon

    Finance, Investing

    James is a highly regarded content creator and storyteller, who originated in the financial services sector. He...


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