The ADF Council Meeting was summoned to review the ongoing programs of the Foundation as well as the Security challenges facing Alaigbo and their larger Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The ADF Council expresses her deep appreciation of the leadership performance of her leaders, especially those who have stood firmly and made enough sacrifices in order to uphold and pursue the fulfillment of the Mission of ADF.

The Council notes with satisfaction the inspiring progress and the bold, fearless initiatives and activities embarked upon with little, indeed very meager material resources. Among these is the successful Relocation of the ADF Secretariat from Abuja to Enugu the Capital of Alaigbo. The Council described this as indeed a great milestone in the history of ADF.

The Council reviewed the progress made in the detailed report on the Akuruo Ulo (Invest-At-Home) Movement and also noted with deep satisfaction the progress made so far within a the short period of her existence in inspiring and working with Igbo business men to revive the vibrancy of the economic life of the region as it was  in the days of Zik and Okpara era.

The series of grave acts of frustration of Igbo business initiatives as well as the measures which are systematically being applied by authorities of the Federal Government to destroy the foundations of the economic life of the region.

The Council maintains her position that the resultant alarming rate of poverty and hunger in the region can be effectively tackled if Ndigbo refocus their entrepreneurial spirit and drive towards developing Alaigbo.  Besides, the Council, noted that over 400% or Igbo investment is in other parts of Nigeria. And incidentally, such investments have remained very vulnerable as a result of hostility from the Federal and other local agents,

The desperate bid of the Fulani forces to overrun and take over the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is at the heart of the current grave insecurity crises in all parts of the Federation, particularly in Alaigbo.

It is in the light of the above that the ADF Council notes with immense sense of fulfillment the latest phase of the Akuruo Ulo Movement which focuses on Food Security. Youth empowerment and land security in Alaigbo. The Council therefore calls on Ndigbo to embrace the Akuruo Ulo Cooperative Movement (ACM) as a necessary step in ensuring that Alaigbo becomes a Self-Reliant as well as a Secure Nation.

The Council therefore calls in Igbo Youths to remain self-confident on the future of the Igbo nation, to remain patriotic to the Igbo Cause, but to avoid all forms of anarchism which may endanger the future of Alaigbo,

On the SIT-AT-HOME  declared by the organization of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB)

On the Sit-At-Home declared by the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, we wish to state for the attention of our Fellow compatriots, that ADF has always supported the principle of Sit-At-Home for the entire Igbo nation. However, this is for MAY 30TH every Year in remembrance of the Biafra War of 1967-70.  But for ADF, that is only to observe it as a day of deep and sober reflection over the most tragic and darkest period in our history, namely, the 1967-70 Biafra war. That war, as we know, unleashed an unimaginable holocaust upon our people which led to the death of over 3 million men, women and children as well as caused vast destruction of our economy and social infrastructure.

The essence of such historical reflection is to enable our people to draw the necessary lessons from that experience to enable us be stronger in meeting similar challenges, such as the present one, without making the mistakes of the previous war.

Therefore, such a historical moment should not be trivialized.

If the IPOB leadership had urged their members to observe that day and appealed to other Igbo citizens to join them, that would have made a lot of sense. The way they are doing it may lead to loss of credibility among our people.

Having said all these, ADF continues to condemn the trial of Nnadi Kalu because it is selective justice, when the Myetti Allah and Boko Haram are waging war of genocide against our people and all the indigenous peoples in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, while the Federal Government is simply pampering them and integrating them in the Federal armed forces.

Finally, ADF calls on the various segments of our nation to remain focused and united, and what is more, we must co-operate with all other nationalities struggling to defeat the Conquest Agenda of the Fulani. Ndigbo should stop the simmering state of Anarchy in Alaigbo that could leave us easy prey in the hands of the enemy.







ADF PRESIDENT                                    CHAIRMAN, ADF BOT



                             HON ABIA ONYIKE