Keynote Address delivered by
Prof Uzodinma Nwala, President of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF)  at the occasion of the Maiden Award/Public Lecture organized by the Federation of Mbaise Media Professionals (FMMP) at Nguru Mbaise, 18TH December 2020

Title of Lecture The Political Development of Mbaise: How Far, So Far!

  1.  Invest-at- home movement and the Mbaise Nation.
    Mbaise citizens, like their brothers in other parts of Igbo land, are famous for their industry and entrepreneurial spirit and exploits. They have huge investments abroad, both in ​and outside Nigeria. In fact, they have more than 300% investments in other parts of Nigeria than they have in Mbaise. Even if 50% of such investments are located in Mbaise, it will provide jobs to our teeming unemployed and disorientated youths. Mbaise can easily be transformed into a great urban and industrial homeland. In view of the harsh experiences of Igbos in other parts of Nigeria; it has become necessary to encourage an Invest-at-Home Movement so that those huge investments abroad can be concentrated in the homeland.
    The Invest-At-Home (Akuruo Ulo) Movement was set in motion by the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) in 2015 with messages organized through Conferences of Umuigbo in Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, and Awka.
  2. Akuruo Ulo Cooperative Movement (ACM) to Consolidate the Spirit of Invest-At Home in Mbaise and Beyond,
    In furtherance of the goal of the Invest-At Home (Akuruo Ulo) the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) of which I am the President, has decided to use Mbaise as a Model Pioneer Base to kick-start the focal stage of her Invest-at- Home Movement by launching the Akuruo Ulo Cooperative Movement (ACM) in Mbaise.

    A Pilot scheme has taken off in Itu Ezinihitte with the acquisition of a site towards the Riverine Area of the Town, a water borehole has been built, planting of crops has started at the site.

    The ACM shall revolutionalize food production to address the raging food scarcity as a result of the activities of the Fulani herdsmen designed as a plot to starve our people through aggressive insecurity pressures on our ancestral home. ACM will unleash the immense potential of the productive capacity of our local farmers, youth, and women and arrest food importation into our land.

    Yesterday, I mean the not-too-distant yesterday, we exported food items including yam, garri, fermented cassava, and tomatoes to the North, but sadly and tragically the reverse is the case today. No wonder, we are being told that if the North closes its border and refuses to export food to us, we shall automatically be starved to total submission.
    The Akuruo Ulo Cooperative Movement (ACM) will enable us to re-link with the great agricultural and industrial development ushered in by the Azikiwe-Okpara era in Eastern Nigeria. We hope to revive our palm industry that has been neglected to our chagrin.

    There is nowhere else this great social and economic revolution can begin but the land on which the Ahiara Declaration was launched as a great Freedom Testament and where the Biafra war reached and came to a close. There is no other place where this can be done other than the land of the Ezejis, the land with the highest rural density of human concentration in Africa.

  3. Mr Ndubisi Alozie : The Great Inspirational Agro- Entrepreneur form Okpofe Mbaise.
    As we embarked on this mission in Mbaise, the God of Ndigbo led us to one of our great sons that has revolutionized Agriculture in Alaigbo and beyond. Mr. Alozie has equally become a great inspiration for the ACM Movement. Attached are some of the wonders from his farm. ADF is doing a documentary of the extensive Agricultural investments of Mr. Ndubisi Alozie within and beyond and situating it within the ACM campaign.

I am by this note inviting the great sons of Mbaise here present and outside of this
hall to join us in this movement. Please do all in your power support the take-of the pilot scheme and also invest and promote the ACM farms and projects in other parts of Mbaise and Igboland. With this spectacular development in Mbaise, tell me;
• Why we cannot encourage our youth and farmers to follow suit
• Tell me why Mbaise or any part of Alaigbo should import yam and other food items from the North,
• Yes, tell me why Yam, Cassava. Onion, Pepper, Tomato, Carrot, Ginger, Lettuce, etc. should be imported into our land.
• Tell me why our youth should be roaming around aimlessly and
• Tell me Why we cannot organize our youths to farm on our land and protect the land we inherited from our ancestors!

​(Ikenga & Ezeji Mbaise)