Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) came into existence following the FIRST International Colloquium on The Igbo Question in Nigeria, held in April 2014, in Enugu.  It was formed and registered as a historical organization and the platform for the execution of decisions of the Colloquium comprising over two thousand five hundred sons and daughters of Ndigbo, both at home and in diaspora. The vision and mission of ADF are as contained in its Motto and the Mission Statement (copies may be attached).

ADF, is indeed an Organization with an official Constitution, Operational Guidelines and Organogram.  There is strict order of conduct of members and everyone, including affiliate members and supporters are expected to abide by the vision of the Organization. Thus, adherence and focus on its rules and action plans are required  of all who subscribe to the vision. (Copies of ADF Constitution, Organogram and Guidelines for formation of chapters  (may be attached).

Recall, that a team of ADF Leadership visited the Igbo Communities in USA in 2018. In the course of interaction with some of our brothers and sisters in several cities, great interest was expressed by them to have ADF formally established in some of the States. Inaugural meetings were held in some cities.

ADF has presently two active and functional Affiliates in the USA,

One of the topical issues that emerged in the course of meeting with our brother in Chicago was the organization of Igbo Summit in Chicago. As a result of certain inconsistency and lack of clarity, that project was not pursued. However, some Whatsapp platforms bearing ADF Logo and insignia has emerged.

ADF leadership tried to encourage those who set up such platforms to ensure that such emergent organizations should be properly and constitutionally aligned to the aims and objectives as well as the programs of ADF as a legal global organization. ADF leadership made allowance for such Chapters and/or Affiliates to in addition have their own local concerns in as much as it does not contradict the broad goals of ADF as defined in it official documents.

At a point we discovered that two or so platforms had emerged in Chicago, some of which were in fact pursuing separate international identities and the ADF leadership tried to discourage that tendency.

At a point there was a debate as to whether we should have one ADF Chapter in the USA or separate but structurally linked chapters, This debate was a major issue wi the emergence of an officially registered ADF-USA in Atlanta Georgia.

The main goal of encouraged the formation of ADF Chapters in USA was to harness and mold the numerous quantity of individual strength and talent of Ndigbo  there into effective quality power house that can help to bring the needed global succor to Alaigbo . History has shown that Diaspora arm of nations are critical and indispensable force for the liberation struggle of peoples. Ndigbo lack the needed cohesion of their Diaspora powerful separate forces.

There was initially some disquiet over the formation of ADF Chapters in USA, on the ground of existence of the existence of two powerful ADF Affiliates in New York and Connecticut. We also received some concern over how to reconcile the existence of ADF in the USA with the existence of the World Igbo Congress in the USA. We eventually convinced our compatriots on the need to have ADF abroad, a goal that has been confirmed as critical fore then Igbo struggle.

In order to douse any doubts, ADGF spent so much time and resources towards salvaging the World Igbo Congress that was at the time in a state of disintegration. We did this despite the criticism of well-meaning Igbo sons and daughters who had virtually lost interest t the time over the relevance of WIC. ADF leadership still believes we did the right thing at the material time.

ADF has just embarked upon the process of sanitizing her Media/Public Face. This has to do with her Website, Facebook, Whatsapp Forums, Internet Groups, etc. It is in that light that a Committee made recommendations regarding the use of ADF Name and Logo in some Whatsapp Forums.

Please try and appreciate what the last official statement on this is trying to convey. It is simply that any Platform intent on using ADF Name and/or logo must be seen to be part of ADF as an organization. ADF makes allowance for local programs. It must be seen as espousing the message as contained in ADF programs and official positions.  Its activities must be seen as complimentary and efforts must be made to synergize them; there must be unity of purpose although there may be different modalities.

ADF has a policy of purposeful and principled collaboration with all Igbo/ Biafran Groups that share similar vision, hence, its effort to galvanize the pro-Biafra and self-determination groups and numerous efforts to work harmoniously with Igbo Leaders of Thought, Ohaneze Ndigbo, the Governors and other stakeholders in Alaigbo.

What is Happening in Chicago?

ADF Chicago WhatsApp Forum was established for the purpose of setting up ADF Chapter in Chicago and as a rallying forum for the Convocation of the 2nd Colloquium of Igbo Question in Nigeria in 2018, in Chicago, branded “Chicago Igbo Summit”. When ADF leadership observed that the activities and focus in the Forum was not flowing in the line of ADF vision and activiies and there was attempt to pursue a separate and doubtful agenda in the Forum with respect to the proposed summit, as well as complaints by others Igbo  groups who had supported the idea of the Chicago Summit, the leadership stepped in to issue directives to correct the anomaly. This did not receive the cooperation of the administrators of the Forum.

Their next line of action was to create another Forum called “Igbo Nation” and renamed this  CHICAGO IGBO SUMMIT.  Later, for reason the leadership of ADF do not know, it was re-christianed “ADF USA & BEYOND forum”.  What an Unserious way of engaging in the Igbo struggle for emancipation!

The crust of the matter is that yes, general issues on igbo nation are discussed in the Forum, but there is no focus on action plans, no group decision of what to do or what need to be done. What os Moreno correlation withbthe activites and programs od a legal organization whose name and identitybisnbeinf flouted. At times, it is pouring of aspersions on ADF, no solution to our national problems.  Whenever ADF posts an issue that requires input, there is dead silence on the matter in the forum.  The Forum became ebe anakwa uwa!

This state of affairs stems from the fact that there is no Organization called ADF-USA Chapter and a mere internet forum such as this has nothing to offer Alaigbo at this critical time of the struggle.

Thus, it is more sensible for those who are comfortable with the status quo in the forum to drop the use of the Name, Logo or Insignia of ADF and change to another name.  Those who share ADF Vision and are ready to join hands together with us, guided by the Constitution should follow the guidelines and apply as a Chapter or Affiliate of ADF . This will give them the right to use the name and Logo of ADF.

We hereby extend our hands of brotherhood to all. United we shall triumph over our traducers. Let the spirit of agbakota aka nyuo mamiri o tie ufufu prevail.

Log Live ADF!
Long Live the Igbo Nation!


Dr. Onyi Gbujie
Deputy Secretary, ADF.

Hon Abia Oyike
Chairman, ADF Publicity Bureau

May 2, 2020