Dear Colleagues,
Just to remind you that
ADF Strategy.Com is a Special ADF Chat Forum designed for consultation on core issues within ADF Agenda as they arise. As such, the President of ADF has the main responsibility to initiate the issues and themes on which members are to deliberate. Of course, the President consults other leaders in the course of raising any issues.
However, any member can raise an issue he considers urgent and critical.
The Forum does not take the place of ADF Working Committee or ADF Council. However, all Council members and members of ADF Working Committee are on ADF Strategy.Com.
The purpose of our discussions on this platform is to generate action points.

We shall continue to use ADF Whatsapp  Group or ADF to deal with relevant issues. PLEASE COOPERATE!!!
Because of how much we have on our table, members should not copy or bother us with posts from other platforms.
FINALLY, everyone should bear in mind that ADF is a registered organization and hence a legal, moral as well as a socio-political personality. It is not just merely a chart forum. From time to time ADF leadership shall arrange online meetings when necessary.
Like ADF Board of Trustees, ADF Council and Working  Committee, ADF Strategy.Com has a major leadership responsibility in the actualization of ADF historic mission.
Thank you And You are welcome.

Prof. T. Uzodinma Nwala
ADF President