ADF has actively followed the raging CORONAVIRUS other wise called COVID-19
We have tried to provide basic information to ADF members and our people. This includes a Message to Ndigbo on the Pandemic, identifying it as another major security threat  to Ndigbo along with the  insurgency of the Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen which have claimed  thousands of life and destroyed billions of naira worth of our property and farms.
The Statement urges our people to remain vigilant
and continued to rely on their efforts, obey all the directives from the WHO as well as those from the local sources that are credible. It calls on our people to utilize what they have for the protection of our people in the various communities. Bulletins 1-3 are basic information to help the  people stay safe by acquainting them with the basic guidelines from  credible authorities both international and local.
As a result of the limitations in access to information that are limited mainly to Social Media, TV and Radio and the fact that majority of our people do not have access to these media organs. and further even if they have them there may not be light of data to access them , ADF has reduced the messages  on what they do to very easily communicable form through Town Criers. Efforts are being made to forward the material to the Town Unions, The Churches, and various civil society organisations to help promote the use of Town Criers for  disseminating the information to the local people;
(call me for any clarification in case of any doubt.)
Uzodinma Nwala
ADF President


ADF COVID-19 Bulletin 1


ADF COVID Bulletin 2