The Alaigbo Developent Foundation (ADF) is a child of the International Colloquium on The Igbo Question in Nigeria, Before, During and After Biafra. That Colloquium was conceived by a body of Igbo Intelligentsia, Clergy, Elders, Patriots, Women and Youth in the light of the persistent crises-ridden socio-political situation in the Nigerian Federation and the debate over her future; and in the light of the enormous challenges facing Alaigbo both in Nigeria and in the contemporary world. The absence of internal cohesion within the Igbo nation and the weak national focus made the call for an International Colloquium to address the issues of the future and survival of the Igbos timely and urgent.

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Aims and Objectives

  • 1- To protect and promote Igbo Culture and Civilization
  • 2 –  To produce a comprehensive Igbo National Charter for the immediate and long-term Restoration, Renaissance and Development of Igboland.
  • 3 – To encourage Research, Documentation and Social Actions on various issues that affect Igboland, her social order and her peoples.
  • 4 – To organize periodic fora and Social Actions in furtherance of the above.
  • 5 – To cooperate with organizations that have similar objectives.
  • 6 –  To publish the results of its engagements.

ADF Anthem


Ndi Igbo teeta nu
Ndi Igbo bilie Nu
Were nu otu obi
Mezie onodi unu

Ndi Igbo kweko nu
Ndi Igbo bilie nu
Mesie nu obi ike
Were onodi unu

Chi anyi o, Lee anyi o
Gbaghara anyi,
Nonyere anyi o
Biadube anyi
Maka umu anyi o

Ndi Igbo kele nu
Ndi Igbo bilie nu
Soro nu Chi unu
Gbanwe onodi unu

Unu anugo!
Unu anugo!
Unu anugo!

Where do the Igbos Stand?

There is acute feeling of loss of self-confidence and national pride among the Igbos, aggravated mainly by the Biafra experience and the continued peripheral status of the Igbo nation in the scheme of things in Nigeria.  And this is nation that has contributed more than any other nationality in the economic and political development of Nigeria.
Meanwhile, the volatile nature of the Nigerian political environment has continued to fuel demands for the renegotiation of the basis for the co-existence of the over 350 Ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

This call has been made by various segments and zones in the country in recent times. The Afenifere socio-cultural organization of the Yorubas, the South-South Forum, the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly, the Arewa Consultative Forum (when her citizens are not in control of political power), the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the highly respected organization of The Patriots, many leading stakeholders in the Nigerian project, etc;

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